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Best Sellers from BarnDoor Lighting

Best Sellers

Our most popular items used in film, video, photo and stage production. See the latest gear being purchased by pros in the field including the director of photography, photographer, gaffer, grip, soundman and art director. Some of the equipment and expendable supplies are the latest and greatest, while others are dependable old standbys. It is a great section to keep up on production gear that's in demand. Wether you are shopping for LiteMat LED Lighting, American Grip Equipment or Lex Electrical Distro, you will see what's popular here.

Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Light
LiteMat 4 LED Hybrid S2 Complete Kit
LiteMat 1 Hybrid S2 LED Complete Kit
Profoto RFI Softbox Kit 2x3
JuniorLED 10" 400W Daylight Fresnel Light Non-DMX
Arri M18 HMI Light 1800w Head Fixture
American Grip Dana Dolly Baby Combo Stand
Dana Dolly Original Kit
Magic Gadgets Shadowmaker Flicker Box Dimmer
Extension Cord 12/3 50ft. SJOOW with 15A Connectors PE700J-50-515
American Heavy Duty Combo Stand 3 Rise RS10
Interview Kit (2) Light Kit-2NT-120U
Arri M18 HMI 1800w Light System L0.0006574
Dana Dolly Original Rental Kit w/ Case
#2 SC Banded 5 Wire Cam Feeder Cable 50ft
American Grip Steadicam (type) Stand Black 2 Rise with 5/8" pin LS32
ETC Source Four Par Tungsten PAR-EA
Universal Rental Kit w/ Case
MSR1800W Bulb Lamp Hot Restrike for Arrisun 18
Arri L5-C Color LED Fresnel, Stand Model
Lex 50 Amp Pagoda Jr. to GFCI Duplex Distro Box Weather Resistant
Advantage "Set in One" Wood Apple Box Set, Nesting
Mole Richardson 2K SpaceLight 7271
American Grip All Steel Beefy Baby Stand 3 Riser
Rosco Tough Prime Paint Black 5 Gallon Primer
Rosco V-Hazer
American Grip Mombo Combo Overhead Stand 23.5'
Advantage Grip EZ Travel 4x4 Net / Flag / Scrim Kit, EZ4848.SK
GCA, 250W, 120V Bulb fits Lowel Pro Light P2-10, Ushio
18 in Chinese Lantern China Ball
FRK, 650W, 120V Bulb 650 Lamp
Kino Flo KF55 Daylight Diva Bulb Tube Lamp 5500K Bulbs
Kino Flo Diva Lite Tungsten Bulb / Lamp / Tube 3200K
Dimmer 1000W Household Lighting 1K
Arri L7-C LED Fresnel Color, Stand Model w/Active Cooling
Kino Flo Gaffer Kit KIT-2GF-120U
4 Ft. 4 Bank Kino Flo 4x4 System SYS-484-120U
ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom 25-50 Degree 42550J
ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal Light 750W 19 Degree 419
Magic Gadgets 2000W Inline Quick Dimmer 2,000W
EGT, 1000w, Arri 1K , Mole Fresnel Bulb
HPL 575W, 115VX, 3000K, Long Life Bulb fits ETC Source 4
Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror iCue for ETC, Altman, Strand, Selecon
Dedolight Basic 150W Onboard Light Kit KAC24BU
150W BabyLED Fresnel 5600K LED Light NON-DMX
1x1 LS Spot 5600K LED Light
Add a Plug Quick Connector Male
Black Trick Line / Tie Line Cotton Un-Glazed, #4 600' Spool
EMD 750W Lamp / Bulb for Lowel T1-10 Tota Light, Arri, Mole, Ushio
DXW 1,000W, Arrilite 1000, Mole-Richardson Mickey, Redhead
Quick Dimmer
660W Socket Assembly Chinese Lantern China Ball
Rosco FoamCoat Coating for Styrofoam and Polystyrene Foam Gallon
Radio Chest Pack
Tiffen Lens Cleaning Tissue (Single) Pack 50 Sheets
Lowel Tota Light 750w T1-10
Kino Flo 4 Ft. 5500K T12 Tube / Bulb / Lamp (6) Pack
Kino Flo 4 Ft. 3200K Tungsten T12 Bulb / Lamp / Tube (6) Pack
Matthews Matthellini 2" End Jaw Clamp 420110
Kino Flo 4ft. 4Bank Single (1 Unit) Gaffer Kit
Source 4 Ellipsoidal Light 750W 36 Degree 436
1200W HMI SE Bulb Lamp Globe Hot Restrike
Lex Orchestra E-String 6 Outlet 23' 4" Black Ext. Cord Orchestra String
Kino Flo 4ft. T8 Daylight 5500K True Match Fluorescent Lamps (24) Pack
200W Junior LED Fresnel Daylight Fixture
CYX 2000W Bulb Lamp 2K Fresnel Mole-Richardson Junior
15A Male Edison Plug Black Leviton
DYS 600W Arri Mole Lowel Omni Bulb Lamp 120V
Duvetyne 12 oz Black Cloth 54 in x 15ft Duvateen
ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal Light 750W 26 Degree 426
Modern Studio Nesting Apple Box Set, 063-1000
Extension Cord 12/3 25ft. SJOOW with 15A Connectors PE700J-25-515
American Duck Bill / Bead Board Holder
American Junior Grip Head 4" Lolli Pop Combo Head RH01
Lampholder / Socket w/Leads L4.79326.E
Joker Combination Kit 400/800 KO400/KO800JB
Advantage 24x36 Net Flag Kit
Ikan Sony V Mount Lithium Ion Pro Battery Power Kit 130WH
Comodo Orbit Hand Held Camera Stabilizer
Motion Labs Breakered Stringer Box, Twist Lock L21-30 I/O X 6 Edison
Cam Extension 2/0 SC 100ft Single Feeder Cable
Matthews C Stand / Grip Stand 40 inch Folding Base w/Head & Arm
Dedolight DLED4-D Daylight LED 40W Light
Lex 19 Pin 6 Circuit Splitter DB20A-19MFF
Leprecon High Power Duplex 4 Ch. Dimmer Pack 3600W
Kino Flo Gaffer Kit KIT-2GF-120U
ETC Source 4 LED Studio HD Variable White Light Engine & Shutter
#2 SC Banded 5 Wire Cam Feeder Cable 100ft Set.
400W MSRHR Bulb, Globe, Lamp, msr400hr, Joker 400, HMI
Joker Kobold 800W HMI / MSR HMI Single Ended Lamp Hot Restrike 5600K
Joker-Bug 400W HMI Par System w/Case KO400JB K0400JB
Chimera Pancake Lantern Medium w/ Skirt 1865
Arri Case Wheel Old Rounded Caster for Heavy Duty Case

Trying to decide on what production gear to invest in? BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters' "Best Sellers" Page is a great place to start. See what HMI lighting, LED lighting, Grip Equipment and Expendable supplies are the most sought after. Before you spend your hard earned dollars let our experts help you make the best investment choice. With over 25 years of production experience, we know a thing or two about lighting, grip and camera support. Just give us a call at 1-888-276-3667 or email us at