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Grip Tools & Meters

Tools & Meters

Grip Tools, Light Tools, Camera Tools, Light Meters

BarnDoor Lighting offers a large selection of grip tools, including film/video camera tools and light meters designed for use by gaffers, grips, electricians, directors of photography aka DPs, camera operators and other production professionals. These camera grip tools make on-set and on-location shooting easier and give you access to your most-used tools anywhere you need them. We offer essential film, video and stage lighting tools and camera tools, including light meters, gray cards, ratchet straps and tie-downs and more.

Modern Studio Mitchell Castle Nut Wrench
Modern Studio Hammer/Nail Holder with Safety Strap
Modern Studio Tape Measure Holder
Modern Studio Combination Pouch
Nebo Tools Pal+ LED Flashlight | Knife | USB Charger Tool
TU573 SmartKnife
TU192 Clip Tool
Lightspeed Wrench
Altman Lighting Wrench
Pin Splitter Tool
Allen Key Wrench 3/16 Inch
Nebo Tools Lil Larry LED Work Light
Nebo Slyde LED Flashlight
Nebo RedLine Classic OC Super Bright LED Flashlight
Nebo Redline Select LED Flashlight 310 Lumens
Nebo Tools RedLine BLAST Brightest LED Flashlight 1400 Lumens
Nebo CSI Flashlight Holster with Belt/Pocket Clip & Carabiner
Modern Studio Speed Wrench to 9/16" Ratchet
Nebo CSI LED Flashlight with Red Laser Pointer, 5077
Nebo 90 Lumen LED Head Lamp
6272 Micro Redline OC LED Flashlight
Spectra Light Meter Pro IV-A
Sekonic LITEMASTER PRO L-478D Light Meter
Sekonic L-758C Cine Light Meter-FREE SHIPPING
Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate Light Meter
Sekonic 18% Stand Up Gray Card, 401-807
Setwear Tool Leash
Electrical Outlet Tester
Modern Studio Equipment Speed Wrench 3/16 in Allen Key 006-1610
Mega Combo Tool
Chain Vise Grip 008-1845
Vise Grip 9" Needle Nose 9LN
Vise Grip 6" Needle Nose 6LN
Vise Grip 4" Needle Nose 4LN
Santronics AC Sensor OSHA Approved
Rosco Cinegel Swatchbook
Rosco Roscolux Swatchbook
Rosco E-Colour Swatchbook
Rosco Roscolux Lighting Gel Swatchbook 3"x6"
Rosco Cinegel Swatchbook 3"x6" Lighting Gels
Lex LSC 6 Circuit Live Tester LT-19P
2 Pocket Light Pouch
Utility Pouch
AC Pouch Small SW-05-509
Combo Tool Pouch w/ Glove Clip SW-05-514
Silent on Set Mini Tool Pouch SW-05-528
Beckman / Amprobe Digital Multimeter DM-73C
Kino Flo Fluorescent Lamp Tester TST-Lamp
GAM GamChek 120V Stage Pin 3 -In-1 Electrical Tester
1in x 10ft Ratchet Strap, Yellow Webbing, Rubber Coated S-Hook
1 in x 15ft Ratchet Strap, Yellow Webbing, Rubber Coated S-Hook
1in. x 10ft Ratchet Strap, Blue Webbing, J Hooks and D Rings
Modern Studio Gutter Hook
RocknRoller Flex Straps Bungee 4 Pack
Modern Studio D Ring Extension
The Shine Control High Def Makeup Kit for Film, Video, Photo
Battery Clip 9V Battery Dispenser holds (8) Batteries
Battery Clip AA Dispenser Magazine holds (10) AA Batteries
Battery Clip 9V DispenserLOADED with (8) Duracell Procel 9V Batteries
Battery Clip LOADED AA Battery Dispenser with (10) AA Cells
Nebo Tools CSI Edge Pocket LED Flashlight
Sekonic 18% Stand Up Gray Card, 401-807
Sekonic L-308DC DigiCineMate Light Meter
Sekonic L-758C Cine Light Meter-FREE SHIPPING
Sekonic LITEMASTER PRO L-478D Light Meter
Gaffer's Glass Contrast Viewing Filter Blue Ring
Giottos Rocket Air Blaster Large Red
Giottos Rocket Air Blaster Medium Black
Giottos Rocket Air Blaster Small Black
Giottos Large Cleaning Kit w/ Small Rocket Blaster
Giottos Cleaning Solution 30ML
Camera Assistant T Position Marker
Camera Assistant Straight Position Marker

Shop our complete selection to find grip wrenches, including Lightspeed, Altman and Allen Key wrenches for basic and complex jobs. Keep your pin splitter, vise grip, electrical testers, gel swatch books and Nebo flashlights neatly organized in a high-quality grip tool pouch or grip tool belt bag from our selection. Whether you need a professional light meter or other grip or camera tools, BarnDoor Lighting is always on hand to assist you with friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Call us today at 1-888-276-3667 or e-mail us at