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Camera Slates / Clapper Boards / Sticks

Camera Slates

Camera Slates

Camera slates, also known as "sticks" or "clapper boards," are typically carried and operated by the assistant camera person to keep filming organized and easily identifying specific scenes and take numbers. Interestingly, camera slates were originally used in dual-system sound when sound was recorded via tape recorder and the image was recorded on film. They were held in front of the camera to record the image of the slate and the sticks clapping together and the sound of the clap on tape was synced to the image of the sticks snapping. Now, lips are in sync with the record sound. We carry the standard-sized - 9.5-inch by 11-inch - camera slates as well as smaller styles.

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BarnDoor Lighting offers plenty of high-tech clapper boards, including time code camera slates which show the digital time being recorded on the camera's memory card. This digital clock feature helps with syncing multiple cameras and allows the editor to cut between cameras at the exact same time during a scene. We also carry small camera slates (4-inch by 6-inch) called "insert slates," which conveniently fit inside your tool pouch for quick and simple identification. Purchase affordable Masonite slates or more expensive and durable Lucite, acrylic or Lexan styles. On some Lucite, acrylic or Lexan slates, you can use dry erase markers - just wipe and write!

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