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Tungsten Light Fixtures

Tungsten Fixtures

Tungsten Light Fixtures

Achieve near perfect color rendition on indoor sets or in the studio with quality tungsten light fixtures from BarnDoor Lighting. These fixtures are an affordable way to illuminate spaces where you want warm light or need to simulate daylight using color correction gels. They produce a constant output and color temperature of high-contrast light, but may be toned down with light modifiers, if needed. Tungsten lights also offer a longer life than incandescent lights and are typically dimmable with no warm-up time, making them an excellent choice for film, TV and still photography shoots.

Arri 150 Fresnel
Arri 300 Fresnel L1.79200.A
Arri 650 Fresnel Plus Light L1.79400.A
Arri T1, 1000W True Blue Fresnel Stand Model
Arri T2 2000W Fresnel 2K Junior Light, Stand Model
Arri Arrilite 750+ Open Face Light w/Acsy Holder
Arri Arrilite 2000W Plus Open Face Tungsten Light
Arri T5, 5000W True Blue Fresnel Stand Model
Arri Mini Cyc Light 1000W
Arri 300W Fresnel Hanging Model LK.0005508
Arri 650 Fresnel Hanging Model LK.0005510
Arri 650W Fresnel Pole Operated L1.79400.I
T1 1,000W Location Fresnel Hanging
Arri 1000w Mini Flood Light, 572100 Discontinued
Arri 1,000W Plus Fresnel 531100 Discontinued
Arri Arrilite 600W Open Face Light Fixture 571600 Discontinued
Arrilite 1,000 (Open Face) 571100 Discontinued
Arri 2,000W Fresnel Stand Model 531200 Discontinued
Arri Arrilite 650 Open Face Light 571065 Discontinued
Arri Arrilite 2000W Open Face Light Fixture
Arri 150 Fresnel Barndoor 4 Way
Arri 150 Fresnel Snoot Set
Arri T12 12000W Fresnel, Stand Model, 120V, 16.5" Lens
ETC Source 4 LED Studio HD Variable White Light Engine & Shutter
ETC Source 4 Lustr+ LED Stage Ellipsoidal Spot Light w/ Shutter
ETC Source 4 Tungsten LED Ellipsoidal Spot Light w/ Shutter
ETC Source 4 Daylight LED Ellipsoidal Spot Light w/ Shutter
ETC Source 4 Series 2 HD LED Daylight with Shutters | Black
ETC Source 4 Series 2 LED Lustr w/ Shutters | Black
Source 4 Ellipsoidal Light 750W 50 Degree 450
Source 4 Ellipsoidal Light 750W 36 Degree 436
ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal Light 750W 26 Degree 426
ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal Light 750W 19 Degree 419
ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal Light 750W 70 Degree 470
ETC Source 4 Spot Light 750W 14 Degree
ColorSource LED Spot Light w/ Shutters - Black
ETC Source 4 Junior 50 Degree 575W Ellipsoidal Light
ETC Source 4 Junior 36 Degree 575W Ellipsoidal Light
ETC Source 4 Junior 26 Degree 575W Ellipsoidal Light
ETC Source 4WRD II LED TUNGSTEN 80 CRI Retrofit Burner Assembly
ETC PARNel Source 4 750W Light Fixture
ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom 25-50 Degree 42550J
ETC Desire D22 Studio HD - Portable - Variable White LED Light
ETC Desire D22 Lustr+ LED Par Light - Portable, BLACK
ETC Desire D40 Lustr+ LED Par Light, BLACK
ETC Desire D40 Studio HD LED Light
ETC Selador Pearl White LED 11" Light Fixture
ETC Desire D60 Studio HD LED Light
ETC Source Four Par Tungsten PAR-EA
ETC Source 4 Zoom 15-30 Degree Lens
ETC Source Four Zoom 25-50 Degree 42550
ETC Source Four PAR-MCM Cool Beam Light
ETC Source Four with 10 Degree Lens 410
ETC Source 4 19 Degree Lens Tube Assembly 400LT-19
ETC Source Four 26 Degree Lens Tube Black
ETC Source 4 Lens Tube 36 Degree, 436LT
ETC Source Four 50 Degree Lens Tube 450LT
ETC Source 4 10 Degree Lens Barrel
ETC Source 4 Replacement Lamp Socket with Leads
White 20A Stage Pin Plug Male In-Line 120VAC
Rosco Single Gobo Rotator DC Variable Speed 0-9 RPM
Rosco Simple Spin Dual Gobo Rotator for Stage and Studio
ETC Source Four PAR-MCM Cool Beam Light
ETC SmartStand Crank-up Lighting Support Stand w/ Adapter, Black
ETC DumbBar Cross Bar for SmartStand
ETC Locking Casters / Wheels for SmartStand (Set of 3)
Wire Safety Cable, Black, 26 inch Heavy Duty Safty
ETC Source Four Fresnel 750W Zoom
C-Clamp, Heavy Duty, Black Pipe Clamp, HDPC
ETC Source 4 EDLT 50 Degree Lens Barrel Tube for LED
ETC Source 4 EDLT 36 Degree Lens Barrel Tube
ETC Source 4 EDLT 26 Degree Lens Barrel Tube
ETC Source 4 EDLT 19 Degree Lens Barrel Tube
ETC Source 4 26 Degree Light Fixture 750W, WHITE
ETC Source 4 19 Degree Light Fixture 750W, WHITE
ETC Source 4 36 Degree Light Fixture 750W, WHITE
ETC Source 4 50 Degree Light Fixture 750W, WHITE
ETC Source 4 Mini 19 Degree Lens Tube Barrel, Black, 4M19LT
ETC Source 4 Mini 26 Degree Lens Tube Barrel, Black, 4M26LT
ETC Source 4 Mini 36 Degree Lens Tube Barrel, Black, 4M36LT
ETC Source 4 Mini 50 Degree Lens Tube Barrel, Black, 4M50LT
ETC Source 4 Mini Color / Gel Frame 4MCF
Mini Clamp fits ETC S4 Mini for 1 1/2" Pipe
ETC Source 4 Mini Top Hat
ETC Selador 11" Yoke Kit
ETC Source 4 C - Clamp|Pipe Clamp
ETC Source 4 Mini Donut
ETC Source 4 Mini Portable w/ 19 Degree Lens 50W, Black
ETC Source 4 Mini Portable w/ 26 Degree Lens 50W, Black
ETC Source 4 Mini Portable w/ 50 Degree Lens 50W, Black
Lowel Tota Light 750w T1-10
Lowel Tota Light w/EMD Bulb 750W T1-101
Lowel Omni Light 500W O1-10
Lowel Pro Light P2-10
Lowel Pro Light with 250W GCA Bulb P2-101
Lowel DP Light D2-10
Lowel Rifa-Lite 250W LC-44EX
Lowel Rifa Lite 750W LC-66EX
Lowel Rifa Lite 55 500W, LC-55EX
Lowel V-Light V1-10
Lowel Rifa Lite 88 1,000W LC88EX
Lowel Ego E1-10
Lowel L-Light with Stand Link L2-10
Mole-Richardson 100W/200W Inbetweenie Fresnel Light 3101
Mole-Richardson Betweenie 300W Fresnel 3131
Mole-Richardson Tweenie II 650W Fresnel Fixture 4821
Mole-Richardson 1,000 Watt Molequartz 6" Baby Solarspot 3081
Mole-Richardson 2,000W Molequartz 8" Junior 5291
Mole-Ricardson 2000W Baby Zip Soft Light 2591
Mole Par Can 1,000W 3741
Mole-Richardson Tiny Mole 200W Fresnel 2901
Mole Richardson Teenie Weenie 600W 4031
Mole Teenie Mole 650W 4051
Mole Mickey Mole 1,000W 4081
Mole Mighty Mole 2,000W 4091
Mole 650W Nook Light 2911
Mole 1,000W Nook Light 2921
Mole-Richardson 2K Tungsten Par Light 6731
Mole Mini Mole 200W Fresnel 2801
Mole 5000W Tungsten Par Light 6741
Mole Richardson 750 Watt Baby Soft Light 2581
Mole Richardson 2K SpaceLight 7271
Mole Richardson 6K Spacelight 7291
Mole Richardson 1,000W Par Light 2271
Mole Classic 1,000W Baby Solarspot Fresnel 407
Mole Richardson 2,000W Junior Solarspot 412
9,000 Watt Molequartz Nine-Light Molepar Maxi Brute Nine Light
5,000 Watt Molequartz 14" Senior Solarspot (Item #: 4351)
Dedolight Fixture Onboard Power Supply 150W
DLH4 Dedolight Universal Light Head 100W / 150W
Dedolight Universal Light Head with 24V Power Supply
Dedolight Tungsten Soft Light DLH4x150S
Dedo 1000W Soft Light Fixture DLH1000S
Dedo Mono 150W 24V Halogen Light Kit SM24PU
Dedolight 650W Tungsten DLH650
3" Wire Scrim Set 5 Pc. fits Arri 150, Dedolight, LTM, Mole Richardson
LTM Pepper 100W Fresnel Light
LTM 200W Pepper Fresnel Light PH-154C
LTM Pepper 300W Fresnel Light PH-165F
LTM Pepper 420W Fresnel Light PH-154E
4 Way Barndoor LTM 650 Pepper Fresnel PA-A227
LTM Full Single Scrim 5" Pepper 650W PA-A251
LTM Pepper 200 Knob for Yoke Stand Lock Off
LTM Fresnel Lens for 200w - 420w Pepper 80mm
Chimera Dual Axis Stand Adapter 3865
Chimera Birdcage Lantern Light 1810
Chimera Dual Socket Practical Bulb 110V 9830
Chimera Octaplus Dedicated Speed Ring for Triolet Light
Chimera Single Axis Stand Adapter 3860
Chimera Triolet 9950
Chimera Triolet Light Fixture 9930
Westcott Spiderlite Deluxe Travel Bag 4211
Westcott 50W Daylight Fluorescent Lamp 0050
Westcott 5 pack (4) 50-watt and (1) 20W Daylight Fluorescent Lamps
Westcott 5 pack Tungsten Halogen 150 watt lamps 4826
JT120V-1000WC Bulb for PhotoFlex Starlite, Chimera, Westcott Spiderlite, Short Version
Westcott 20w Compact Daylight Fluorescent Modeling Lamp 4203
Westcott 6 Pack 50W Daylight Compact Fluorescent Lamps, 0061
Westcott 6 Pack 150W Tungsten Halogen Bulbs / Lamps 6826

BarnDoor Lighting offers top-rated open-face and Fresnel tungsten light fixtures by brands including Arri, ETC, Lowel, Mole-Richardson Co., Dedolight, LTM, Barger-Baglite, Chauvet, Chimera and Frezzi. Fresnel tungsten lights are designed to produce a highly focused beam of light, while open-face tungsten lights have no lens and are, in turn, brighter than Fresnel lights with less controlled focus. We also carry a great selection of lighting accessories to assist with your fixtures, such as travel bags, tungsten halogen bulbs, light window kits, camera birdcage lanterns and more, at BarnDoor Lighting.

Check out our selection of Arri tungsten light fixtures. Learn more about our compact Fresnel tungsten spotlight solution housed within a corrosion-resistant aluminum body, or explore our lineup of Barger-Baglite tungsten light fixtures if you want an open face tungsten fixtures from 3,000 to 6,000 watts, that uses a standard (household) outlet. BarnDoor Lighting has tungsten fixtures for every application, budget and need. Aren't sure which style of tungsten is best for you? Pick up the phone and reach out to us at 1-888- 276-3667, or send us an email at: