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Fog Machines

Create Fog / Haze atmosphere effect with Rosco Fog Machines and Chauvet Fog Machines for Stage Fog / Theater Fog.

Fog machines, also called "foggers" and "hazers," are often used by theater and stage producers to create a foggy, smoky or hazy environment. BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters carries full-featured, professional theater fog machines as well as affordable DJ fog machines and versatile styles that can be used in schools, churches or smaller theater houses. Not only do we carry high-performance fog, haze, snow and bubble machines by Rosco and Chauvet, but we also offer fog fluid, bubble fluid and fog machine timers at BarnDoor Lighting.

Rosco Mini V Fog Machine 120V
Rosco Vapour Fog Machine
Rosco Vapour Plus Fog Machine
Rosco V-Hazer
Rosco Fog Fluid, Liter 200082000034
Rosco Light Fog Fluid, Liter, 200085000034
Rosco Clear Fog Fluid, Liter, 200086000034
Rosco Stage and Studio Fog Fluid Liter, 200090000034
Rosco Fog Fluid 4L, 4 Liter
Rosco Clear Fog Fluid 4L, 4 Liter
Rosco Stage and Studio Fog Fluid 4L 4 Liter
Rosco Light Fog Fluid 4L 4 Liter
Rosco Cold Flow for Low Lying Fog Effect, 200617000120
Rosco V Hazer Fluid 4 Liter
Rosco Delta Haze Fluid 4 Liter 200 08425 0135
Chauvet Professional AmHaze Whisper Hazer
Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex DMX Fog Machine H1800-FLEX
Chauvet Hurricane 1600 Fog Machine w/ Remote
Chauvet Hurricane 1400 Fog Machine with Remote
Chauvet Hurricane 1301 Fog Machine H1301
Chauvet Hurricane 1200 Fog Machine with Remote
Chauvet Hurricane 1000 Fog Machine with Remote
Chauvet Hurricane 901 Fog Machine H901
Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine H700
Chauvet Timer Remote for Fog Machines FC-T
Chauvet Wireless Remote for Fog Machines FC-W
Chauvet High Performance Fog Fluid Gallon FJU
Chauvet Bubble King Machine B-550
Chauvet Bubble Machine B-250
Chauvet High Performance Bubble Fluid Gallon BJ-U
Chauvet Nimbus Low-Lying / Non-Rising Dry Ice Fog Machine
Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4D Haze Machine with Remote
Chauvet Hurrican Haze 2D DMX Haze Machine
Chauvet Hurricane Haze 1D Haze Machine with Remote
Chauvet Geyser P6 Pyrotechnic Effect Fog and LED Wash Light In One
Chauvet Geyser P4 Pyrotechnic Effect Fog and LED Light in One
Chauvet Snow Machine with Remote
Chauvet Funfetti Shot Professional Confetti Launcher w/ Remote
Chauvet Funfetti Shot Refill Color
Chauvet Snow Making Fluid - Gallon
Chauvet Professional Premium Haze Fluid

Chauvet's long-lasting atmospherics are designed with durable yet practical constructions to prevent rust. Chauvet offers haze machines and dry ice low-lying foggers for small and large spaces. Rosco fog machines are known for drawing low power but offering extremely high performance. BarnDoor Lighting is one of the most trusted theater fog machine retailers, with over 20 years of experience selling quality foggers to industry professionals. Questions? You can always contact us at 1-888-276-3667 or