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American Grip Equipment

American Grip

Innovative Grip Equipment and Studio Equipment for Film, Video, DV and Photo Production.

American Grip Equipment is the premier manufacturer of grip gear. How good are they? Just look inside any professional grip truck, tv studio or film set and you will see their famous blue anodized color of American Grip. C Stands with ergonomic pistol grips, that's American. Nets, Flags and Overhead Fabrics sewn to perfection, that's American. Sand Bags and Shot Bags that last longer than any other brand, you guessed it, American. Combo stands with beautiful chrome finishes that last a lifetime. Grip clamps and hardware that can take a beating. Affordable steel dolly track and doorway dolly. The name says it all.

There as so many different names for the same piece of gear. A "750 pigeon" or a "baby wall plate"? They're both the same thing, so don't be confused. If you can't find the right grip gear you need or have a question, just contact us, we're here to help. If you looking for the best price and expert knowledge on American Grip Equipment then BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters is the place for you. Just call us at 1-888-276-3667 or send us an email: