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Electrical Adapters / Splitters

Adapters / SplittersEnsure that your electrical setup is safe and professional with these electrical adapters and electrical splitters from BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters. These low-priced electrical essentials can be easily added to your order to ensure that you have all the tools you need in your lighting, sound or camera kits. BarnDoor Lighting sells a wide selection of cam connectors, Edison adapters, stage pins, twist lock splitters and more.

15A Male Edison to 20A Female Stage Pin Adapter, A5014
15A Edison Female to 20A Male Stage Pin Adapter, A5016
100a Stage Pin Male to (5) 15a Edison Splitter
Cube Tap 3 to 1
Carol 3 to 2 Ground Adapter
Pig Nose Adapter Medium Base to Edison, Eagle 808
Mogul Base to Medium Lamp Base Adapter 8681
Modern Studio Equipment Recessed Light Socket Adapter Stud
Lex Tri-Tap Adapter Cube Triple Tap Black 50201B
Lex Edison 15A Two-Fer Splitter (1) Male to (2) Female
Lex 20A Stage Pin Two-Fer Splitter (1) Male to (2) Female
Lex Two-Fer 20A 125V Twist Lock Nema L5-20
Adapter NEMA 5-15 Plug to NEMA 5-20 Connector 50301
Rosco Twist Lock 20A Male L5-20P to Female 20A Stage Pin Adapter 70004
Lex 20A Break Out Box 19 Pin to Powercon Feed Thru Bento
Lex Products 20A Quad Box with PowerCon to Edison
Lex 60A 125V Bates to (2) 60A 125V Bates Splitter
Lex 100A 125V Bates to (2) 60A 125V Bates Splitter
Lex 100A to (2) 100A Bates Splitter
Snake Bite 100A 125V
Lex 220V Snake Bite 100A Female Stage Pin to Male Cam #2
Soft Siamese #2 Cam Splitter 4ft
Soft Siamese 2/0 Cam Splitter 4ft
Soft Siamese 4/0 Cam Splitter 4ft (1) Male to (2) Female
Soft Cam Three-fer Triamese 4/0 Splitter 24" 400A
Paralleling Tee Cam Connector Leviton ECT 16 Series
Tapping T Cam Splitter Connector CL 16 Series
Cam Type Triple Hard Tee (1) Male to (3) Female 16 Series
Double Male Cam Turnaround CL Series
Double Female Cam Turnaround 16 Series
Cam Ground Squid 1 Female to 5 Male Cams
Lex 19 Pin 6 Circuit Splitter DB20A-19MFF
Lex 6-Circuit LSC 19 Pin Break-Out 5-15 Edison BO100L-6-515
Lex 6-Circuit Break-Out Stage Pin BO100L-6-SP
Lex 15A Evergrip 6 Circuit Break In Female 19 Pin to Edison Male - 3ft
DMX 5 Pin Terminator
DMX 3 Pin Terminator
DMX Converter 3 Pin Male to 5 Pin Female DMX5F3M
DMX Converter 5 Pin Male to 3 Pin Female DMX5M
Chauvet DJ Data Stream 4 DMX-512 Optical Splitter
LiteGear DMX XLR to RJ45 Ethernet Adapter
Lex DMX 5 Pin Male to Ethernet RJ45 Adapter Cable
Lex DMX 5 Pin Female to Ethernet RJ45 Adapter Cable
Lex Rubber Edison Quad Box with 1ft Tail
Lex Bare End Tail to Female Cam Type W Cable 4/0 - 5ft
Metal Quad Box w/ 12/3 SJOOW | 2ft Tail
Doug Fleenor DMX Splitter #125 (1) in (5) Out DMX 5 Pin XLR Isolated
Lex Stage Pin 20A Male to Powercon 20A Female Adapter
CBI 19 Pin Splitter Box

Whether you’re in search of a quality Powercon splitter, or need a new electrical line splitter, BarnDoor Lighting has just what you need to get the job done. Be sure to click on each product to learn more. The team at BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters is always available to assist you with your electrical splitter and adapter order. Reach out to us via phone: 1-888-276-3667, or e-mail: with your questions. We often offer free shipping on ground orders of $99 or more to meet your budget.