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Doorway Dolly, Camera Dolly, Dolly Wheels and Dolly Track Light

Doorway Dolly, Wheels and Dolly Track

American | Matthews | Modern Studio

If you're looking for the best possible way to create smooth, fluid movement for your next big production, invest in a high-quality camera dolly and dolly track from BarnDoor Lighting. The right doorway dolly will give you everything you need for quick, professional dolly shots and will assist you with difficult dolly moves. BarnDoor Lighting carries a great selection of American Doorway dollies and dolly track, Matthews dollies and dolly track and Modern Studio Equipment dollies and accessories.

American Grip Doorway Dolly Complete DT04
Matthews Doorway Dolly 395100
Track Wheels for American Doorway Dolly DT05
American Grip 4ft. Dolly Track Round Straight (Racking) DT16
American Grip 6ft. Dolly Track Round Straight Racking DT14
American Grip 8ft Dolly Track Round Straight Racking DT12
10ft Dolly Track Round Straight Racking DT11
Track Wedge Wood 2"x4"x12" CW08
American Milk Crate with 82 Wood Wedges 2"x4"x12" MC00
Curved Dolly Track Round (large) (8 Pieces=20' Dia. Circle 45) DT18
Curved Dolly Track Round (tight) (4 Pieces=10' Dia. Circle 90) DT21
Advantage Short Wood Cribbing 2x4x11 3/4" (35) Pieces in Milk Crate
Advantage Wood Dolly Track Wedges Crate of 70
Dana Dolly Curved Track Set (1) 8ft & (1) 10ft
American Grip Cup Blocks Set of 12 w/ Holder
American Grip Dolly Track Over Center Latch
American Grip Doorway Dolly Skateboard Wheels
American Black Dana Dolly Stand Kit
American Grip Dana Dolly Drop Down Kit
Matthews Centipede II Dolly Track Wheel Troughs
Matthews Studio Dutti Dolly
Matthews Studio Dutti Dolly Universal Track Bracket
Matthews Doorway Dolly 395100
Matthews Roundy Round Doorway Dolly 395300
Matthews Hot Buttons Doorway Track Wheels (Set of 4) 395012
Matthews Track Wedges 399734
Matthews 8ft. Dolly Track Heavy Wall 397055
Matthews Dolly Track 10ft. Straight Heavy Wall
Matthews 4ft. Dolly Track Heavy Wall 399735
Matthews Starter Track Heavy Wall 397054
Matthews Tight Radius Curved Dolly Track Heavy Wall 10ft. Diameter
Matthews Curved Dolly Track Heavy Wall 20ft Diameter 397050
Advantage Wood Dolly Track Wedges Crate of 70
Matthews Bazooka Adjustable Camera Riser 377702
Matthews Elemac to 100mm Bowl Adapter 845120
Matthews Elemac Mounting Plate 515003
Matthews Doorway Dolly Replacement Wheel
Advantage Short Wood Cribbing 2x4x11 3/4" (35) Pieces in Milk Crate
Matthews BriefCase Dolly 395022 **Discontinued**
Matthews Grip Equipment Western Dolly
Matthews Stainless Steel Tight Radius Curved Dolly Track
Matthews Stainless Steel Curved Dolly Track 8ft Section
Matthews Stainless Steel Dolly Track Straight | 4ft
Matthews Dolly Track Stainless Steel Straight | 8ft.
Matthews Mitchell to 100mm Bowl Adapter
Matthews Dutti Dolly Mitchell Riser Kit
Matthews Dutti Dolly Case
Modern Studio Doorway Dolly with 2 Wheel Steering
Modern Studio Doorway Dolly 4 Wheel Steering 041-7820
Modern Studio Skateboard Wheels with Channels Set of 2 Soft Wheels
Modern Studio Crab Dolly Triple Cup Holder 037-7036
Modern Studio 2 Wheel Skateboard Bracket
Modern Studio 4 Wheel Skateboard Brackets Set of 4
Modern Studio Skateboard Wheel w/ Bearings
Modern Studio Aluminum Dolly Track Spreader
Modern Studio Deluxe Skateboard Wheel w/ Bearings
Modern Studio Crab Dolly 5/8" Pin Adapter
Modern Crab Dolly Locking Offset Arm
Modern Studio Skate Wheels Speedrail Setup Set of 4
Modern Studio Crab Dolly 6" Seat Riser
Modern Slider Track Center Support
Modern Slider Track End Support
Modern Studio Ice-Sled Tabletop Dolly
Modern Speedrail Slider (Mitchell w/16 Wheels)
Modern Internal Pipe Connector 1-1/4 Inch
Modern Internal Pipe Connector 1-1/2 Inch
Modern Studio Milk Crate w/ 70 Wood Track Wedges

Matthews Studio Equipment is a great source for reliable dollies that are exceptionally well-made and versatile. Just take a peek at the full-featured Matthews Roundy Round Doorway DollyM that gives you greater turning flexibility in tight areas. We also sell doorway camera dolly wheels separately for your Matthews dollies. Buy camera dollies on a budget with American Gripís great dolly and track system thatís priced affordably. BarnDoor Lighting knows it can be tough to shop for camera dollies, so donít hesitate to contact us with all your questions: 1-888-276-3667 or by e-mail at