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Dolly Track, Camera Dollies & Track Wheels by Matthews Studio Equipment

Matthews Dollies, Dolly Track, Track Wheels

Dolly Track & Camera Dollies

create smooth fluid movement running on dolly track and dolly track wheels. Dolly tracks are available in straight & curved in multiple lengths and radius. Multiple pieces of dolly track can be connected together to provide a seamless camera run. Dolly tracks must be kept level and straight, thru the use of wedges, cribbing and apple boxes to prevent bumps in the track at the connecting joints.

Matthews manufactures and supplies the industry with both Heavy Wall and stainless steel Camera Dolly Track. Heavy wall is manufactured from 1-1/2" diameter steel tube and is chrome plated to protect it from negative environmental effects. It is slightly less expensive than stainless steel track. Stainless steel track does not require plating. Due to the inherent characteristics of the material, it is impervious to the elements. Additionally, all Matthews track now has black cross members.

CAUTION: Matthews does not recommend that the two types of track be used together. The chrome plating used on the Heavy Wall can create size buildup and the finished diameter may be slightly larger. This can create a noticeable "bump" at the joint. Matthews curved tracks are available to complete 10' and 20' diameter circles. Be advised that most dollies will not navigate the 10' circle without the addition of a multi-wheeled device such as the Matthews Centipede #395200.

Four pieces of 90-degree curve track are needed to complete a circle. Eight pieces are required for 20' diameter circle. All Matthews Dolly Track is rated to a maximum payload of 1200 Lbs (545kg) at the industry standard of 24.5" center to center track width.

Please note $15.00 Packaging for 8' Straight Track, $20.00 Packaging for 10' Straight Track. To insure against damage to the product during transit, all Curve Dolly Track must be crated prior to shipment. Please allow 2 working days from receipt of order for crating. Matthews will not be responsible for track shipped without crating.

Dolly Track & Camera Dollies by Matthews Studio Equipment