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Tungsten 3200K 120V / Quartz Bulbs, Lamps and Globes

Tungsten 3200K 120V Bulbs|Lamps

Click on the wattage to see Tungsten Quartz 3200K bulbs, lamps, globes.

When you want a warm, natural light to infuse your video and photo shoots, you need 3200K Tungsten bulbs. Because your lighting needs may vary by project or location, BarnDoor Lighting offers a wide variety of tungsten lamps. When you shop our site, you'll find 3200K bulbs ranging from 75W all the way up to 10,000W. We also carry unique lamp options, like MR11, MR16 and Osram 4000W Tungsten bulbs. With so many options in easy-to-search categories, finding what you're looking for is quick and easy!

211 Photo Flood 75W 3000K
EYC, 75W, 12V, MR16 Bulb Lamp Globe Wide Flood
ESR 100W Bulb Lamp Globe
MR16 100W Flood Bulb Lowel L Light L1-100F
MR16 100W Spot Bulb Lowel L Light L1-100S
EYL 100W, 12V, Bulb for Lowel Omni Light
FCR 100W, 12V, Clear Bulb for Dedolight
FSH 125W. 120V Bulb fits Lowel Pro Light
212 Photo Flood 150W Bulb 120V
150W, 24V, Dedolight Bulb
FCS 150W 24V Bulb Dedolight Clear
ETC 150W, 120V Bulb Tungsten
ESP 150w Bulb Lamp 120v
FEV 200W, 120V Bulb
FVL 200W Bulb for Mole-Richardson Inbetweenie, Lowel Pro, Rifa
GCA, 250W, 120V Bulb fits Lowel Pro Light P2-10, Ushio
213 Photo Flood Bulb 250W 120V
DYG 250W, 30V Bulb for Lowel Omni
ESS, 250W, 120V, Bulb / Lamp
FKW, 300W, 120V, 3200K, Bulb, Osram
300W, JCD 300W, 120V Bulb for Lowel Omni JCD120V-300WC
EHZ 300W, 120V Bulb for Lowel T1-10 Tota, Arri Soft, Mole Zip
Britek 300W Bulb
375W HPL Lamp / Bulb 115VX Extended Life
EKB, 420W, 120V, Bulb Lamp Globe
FTK 500W Bulb for Lowel Omni Light, Osram
FDN, 500W, 120V, 3200K Bulb Lamp Globe
FCZ 500W, 120V Bulb fits Lowel T1-10 Tota Light Lamp
GDA 500W, 120V Bulb fits Lowel V Light
FCL 500W, 120V Bulb
ECT Photo Flood 500W, 120V Practical Bulb
EHD 500W Bulb fits Lowel Rifa Light and Lowel Dp
EBW Photo Flood 500W Bulb 4800K Daylight
EHC 500W, 120V Bulb Lamp Globe Lowel Rifa Lite and Lowel DP
JT120V-500WB Bulb for Chimera, Photoflex Starlite
BTM 500W Bulb
Par 64 500W, 120V, Bulb MFL Medium Flood Bulb
Par 64 500W, 120V, Bulb WFL Wide Flood Bulb
Par 64 500W, 120V, Bulb NSP Narrow Spot Bulb
EGN 500w Bulb for Arri / Mole Baby 1K Fresnel
FDF 500w 120v Bulb for Lowel Tota, Mole Zip and Space Light
FRG, 500w, 120v, 3200k, Bulb
Ushio HPL-550W-77V-LL Long Life Lamp, 3050K, 2000hr
Ushio HPL-550W-77V Lamp Standard Life 3250K, 300Hrs
HPL 575W, 115VX, 3000K, Long Life Bulb fits ETC Source 4
FLK / LL , 575W, 115V, Long Life Bulb
FLK, 575W, 115V, 3200K Bulb
HPL 575w 115v 3250k Bulb
Ushio SPH 575W, 115V Bulb / Lamp Long Life 3050K
Ushio SPH 575W, 115V, Bulb 3250K Standard Life
GLA / LL 575W, 115V, 3050K, Bulb Lamp G9.5, Altman, Behringer
GLC 575w, 115v, 3250K Bulb Lamp
Ushio JCS-120V-575WX, 575W Bulb / Lamp 120V
Ushio Super Life HPL 575W 115V Lamp 3000hr
FCB 600W. Bulb Lamp Mole Mickey
DYH 600W, 120V Bulb
DYS 600W Arri Mole Lowel Omni Bulb Lamp 120V
FRK, 650W, 120V Bulb 650 Lamp
FAD 650W, 120V, Bulb Lamp Globe Mole Nook Light
EMD 750W Lamp / Bulb for Lowel T1-10 Tota Light, Arri, Mole, Ushio
EHF 750W Bulb for Lowel Rifa Light and Lowel Dp
HPL750W 115V Bulb Long Life for ETC Source 4
EJG 750W Bulb Clear
EGR 750W 120V Bulb / Lamp
HPL 750W, 115V, 3250K Bulb for ETC Source 4
BTN, 750W, 120V, Bulb, 54687, P28S, Altman 165Q 6" Fresnel
HPL 750W, 120V, Bulb / Lamp 3250K
HPL 750W, 120V, 3050K, Long Life Bulb / Lamp ETC Source Four
DXW 1,000W, Arrilite 1000, Mole-Richardson Mickey, Redhead
EGT, 1000w, Arri 1K , Mole Fresnel Bulb
FCM, 1000W Bulb for Lowel Tota
FEL, 1000W, 120V, 3200K Bulb, Lamp, Globe Lowel DP
Wamco FFS Wide Flood Par 64 1,000W Bulb
Wamco FFR Medium Flood Par 64 1,000W Bulb
FFP Narrow Spot Par64 1,000W Bulb
JT120V-1000WB Bulb for Chimera, Westcott SpiderLite
FHM 1000W Bulb
BTR 1000W 120V Bulb
FFT Bulb Lamp 1000W
FBY 1000W Bulb Lamp Frosted 120V
JT120V-1000WC Bulb for PhotoFlex Starlite, Chimera, Westcott Spiderlite, Short Version
CYV 1000W, 120V, Bulb Lamp
FDB 1500W, 120V Bulb Lamp for Altman Cyc, 1000499
FEY, 2000W, Bulb / Lamp for Arrilite 2000, Mole-Richardson Mighty Mole
CYX 2000W Bulb Lamp 2K Fresnel Mole-Richardson Junior
2000w Bulb for Mole 2K Tungsten Par HX2000
DPY 5000w,120v 3200k Bulb
5000w Bulb for Mole 5K Tungsten Par HX5000
DTY 10,000W Bulb / Lamp 120V
Used DTY 10K Bulb 10,000W Lamp
FTD, 20W, 12V, MR11 Bulb for Frezzi Micro Fill Light
FTH 35W, 12V, MR11 Bulb for Frezzi Micro Fill Light
BAB, 20W, 12V MR16 Bulb Lamp Globe Wide Flood
EXN 50W 12V MR16 Bulb Lamp Globe, Wide Flood
EYC, 75W, 12V, MR16 Bulb Lamp Globe Wide Flood
ENX, 360W, 82V MR16 Bulb
EXV, 100W, 12V, Bulb
EXZ 50W, 12V, MR16 Bulb , Spot
Arri T12 12,000W Tungsten Bulb Lamp KP-120

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