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K-Tek Pro Sound Equipment: Cables, Boompoles, Windscreens, Shock Mounts

K-Tek Sound Equipment

K-Tek Pro Sound Equipment: Cables, Boompoles, Windscreens, Shock Mounts

Sound engineers and boom operators have trusted K-Tek for quality, professional sound equipment for over two decades. This California-based innovator is a leader when it comes to high-tech sound and video support solutions, including purpose-built boompoles, windscreens, shock mounts and cables. The K-Tek boompole is favored among discerning sound engineers, because it features a rugged design at a cost-effective price point. Their boompoles are made with tough tubing and coiled cords for reliable use in all environments and applications. We offer the popular K-Tek Klassic, K-Tek Avalon and more.

K-Tek Short Microphone Shock Mount K-MTS
Price: $89.00
Our Price: $42.99

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BarnDoor Lighting can assist you in finding the appropriate K-Tek shock mount for your specific needs. These revolutionary microphone shock mounts are lightweight yet durable, made with tough materials that will withstand even the most demanding shooting situations. We also offer windscreens for Sennheiser microphones made by K-Tek as well as handy cables. Remember, you can always reach out to BarnDoor Lighting at 1-888-276-3667 or for customized advice regarding the K-Tek gear that best suits your needs.