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Voice Technologies Pro Audio Microphones, Lavs, Shotgun Mics

Voice Technologies

Voice Technologies has committed itself to the classic Swiss values: inventive ideas, precision, top-quality materials and modern fabrication techniques.

Voice Technologies offers precise, Swiss-made professional audio solutions for the modern soundman or sound professional that requires durability and ease of use. BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters offers a great collection of Voice Technologies microphones, including miniature, easy-to-conceal lavalier microphones, earphones and head-worn mics. Their waterproof lavalier microphones are excellent for recording sound in the most difficult weather conditions.

BarnDoor Lighting also carries Voice Technologies accessories to go with our variety of Voice Technologies mics. Add Voice Technologies adapters and Dracula mounts to your order for a complete mic system. You may also purchase all-inclusive Voice Technologies shotgun microphone kits that include the mic, a shock mount, a windshield and select cables. BarnDoor Lighting's expert advice and friendly customer service is what has made us an industry leader for two decades. Contact us now at 1-888-276-3667 or with your questions.