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Zylight LED F8 and Z90 LED Lighting

Zylight LED

Zylight LED featuring Fresnel, On Camera and Panel Lights

Zylight produces intelligent LED lighting for the film, television and stage industries. These are rugged, integrated lighting solutions which are exclusively designed to perform well in tough, demanding environments. The Zylight LED collection is known for providing outstanding color correct LED lights with built in Zylight wireless remote controls for total versatility and wireless convenience. You're able to power and adjust all functions of these intelligent LEDs in the palm of your hand with the high-tech Zylight wireless remotes.

Zylight products from BarnDoor Lighting include the compact, super bright Zylight F8 Fresnel and the Zylight Z90 On Camera LED Light with variable color temperature. The F8 is a low-energy LED Fresnel providing single shadow beam shaping with barn doors, continuous focusing and a smooth light field. The Z90 is a compact on-camera LED light providing variable color temperature and access to any color of the rainbow without gels or filters. If you have questions about our Zylight products or any other products, contact BarnDoor Lighting at 1-888-276-3667 or via email at