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Setwear Gloves and Tool Pouches for Film and Video.

Setwear Products

Gloves, Tool Pouches and Bags for Film, Video and Photo Production.

Setwear provides gaffers, DPs, camera professionals, set lighting technicians, electricians, sound men, stage hands and other professionals with all the Setwear essentials required for a smooth production. This California-based company manufactures rugged gear exclusively for industry professionals who need reliable, innovative products to make their jobs easier. They manufacturer a collection of rugged gloves for gaffers and grips, as well as a variety of products to help production professionals carry large, fragile or tough-to-grip equipment on set or on location. They also manufacture top-of-the-line tool pouches for on-set organization. Setwear products help you keep your most-used items at arm's reach when you need them most.

Hot Hands Gloves
Stealth Pro Gloves Black Leather / Nylon
Pro Leather Lighting Gloves Black / Tan
Pro Leather Lighting Grip Black Gloves
Oil Rigger Gloves
Easy Fit Gloves
Stealth Glove Black, Light Duty, Touch Screen Friendly
Stealth Glove Green
Tan Stealth Nylon Work Gloves Touch Screen Friendly
Glove Clip w/ Logo SW-05-532
Leather Fingerless Gloves Size Medium SWF-05-009
Leather Fingerless Gloves Black Size Small
Leather Fingerless Gloves Size Large SWF-05-010
Leather Fingerless Gloves Size X-Large SWF-05-011
Accessory Pack Fresnels LK.0005595
Savage Green Screen Gloves, One Size, GSGLOVES
Mini Flashlight Pouch
Utility Pouch
Silent on Set Mini Tool Pouch SW-05-528
Radio Pouch
AC Pouch Small SW-05-509
Tape Measure Holder 25'-33' SW-05-534
Jumbo AC Pouch SW-05-515
Combo Tool Pouch w/ Glove Clip SW-05-514
Tool Pouch SW-05-513
2 Pocket Light Pouch
2" Padded Belt LG/XL Approx. 33" Waist and Up
2 in Padded Belt SM/Med Approx. 32 in Waist and Under
Smart Phone / I-Phone Pouch, Black, SW-05-510
Hands Free iPad Chest Pack
Radio Chest Pack
Lindcraft 6" Cable Hanger, G65
Lindcraft 12" Cable Hanger, G66
Cinebags AC Pouch CB-03
Cinebags Bottle Pouch CB-04
Cinebags Gel Roll CB-06
Zing Small Neoprene Pouch w/ Draw String, Black / Blue
Zing Medium Neoprene Pouch w/ Draw String, Black / Blue
Zing Large Neoprene Pouch w/ Draw String, Black / Blue
Zing X-Large Neoprene Pouch w/ Draw String, Black / Blue, STB1
Zing Neoprene Medium Belt Bag w/ Flap Closures, Black
Zing Neoprene Large Belt Bag w/ Flap Closures, ELTRN, Black
Zing Neoprene Standard Camera / Binocular Strap, Blue, 585-805
Zing Neoprene Memory Card Holder, Black, 595-101
Zing Neoprene Standard Camera Cover, Black, SBK1, 501-101
Setwear Tool Leash
Knee Pads Soft
Ironclad Ranchworx Leather Gloves - Medium

Browse our Setwear gloves if you're in search of the perfect pair of gloves for lighting, grip, sound, rigging and more. Setwear rigging gloves feature extra padding on the palm and fingertips, as well as grip-enhancing outer materials to assist with carrying fragile items. They also make handy tool pouches, bags, belts and tool leashes to keep your gear safe and organized. Depending on your need, we have the right Setwear tool pouch you're looking for, including a small belt bag for your flashlight and a jumbo pouch for extra gear. Questions? BarnDoor Lighting is always on hand to assist you at 1-888-276-3667 or by e-mail at