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LiteGear LED Ribbon Light Film | Photo


LiteGear LED creators of the LED Light Ribbon and LiteMat for Film & Photo

BarnDoor Lighting is proud to be a LiteGear LED dealer. LiteGear provides all the tools you need for creating LED Lights with flexible LED LiteRibbon, as well as the LiteMat LED fixtures. Think of LiteRibbon as LED Tape. Just like gaffers tape, get the light anywhere you can stick it. Cut it, shape it, bend it. It's adhesive backed led tape light. Not just any light, but color correct light for film, video and photo. Create the shape and size and get the light where you need it. Tungsten, Daylight, Hybrid (bicolor) and Chroma (colors). Providing high CRI and full spectrum color for perfect skin tones with LEDs. In addition, LiteRibbon LED provides a wide angle light source along with low power consumption, creating a very efficent light tool. LEDs are powered by either ac power supply, camera batteries, 9V batteries, AA batteries or car cigarette lighter.

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