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9.Solutions Grip Gear Mini Rigging Equipment

9.Solutions Grip Gear
9.Solutions Grip Gear

9.Solutions Grip Gear

9.Solutions features innovative mini grip rigging gear for film, video and still cameras. Featuring clamps, rods and articulated arms for getting your camera, video monitor, or light in just the right position. Mount your GoPro or other Action Camera safely and quickly on bikes, motorcycles, handlebars and more. 9.Solutions rigging gear is also perfect for mounting other video gear including monitors, power supplies and recorders. Where does 9.Solutions get it's unique name? It's from a puzzle called "9 Dots" which is designed to "think outside the box". Unique solutions for problems filmmakers and photographers endure on set, in studio or on location. Most clamps and mounts utilize common 1/4-20 or 3/8" threads for universal attachments. 9.Solutions has a clamp or rig to quickly solve the most challenging locations.

9.Solutions Python Clamps & Other Rigging Tools — Great Products & Very Affordable

We recently blogged about the clamps and tools needed for a small grip kit. Well there's a new line of clamps and rigging tools that you need to check out if you are trying to buy quality clamps and tools on a budget. All of the items they sell are terrific. Two of the 9.Solutions Python clamps they sell that are particularly well suited for a grip kit include…the Python Clamp with Baby Pin 5/8" 9.VP5081A and the Python Clamp with 3/8 Male Thread 9-VP5081E.    Read More ....