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Open Frames | Light Gel Frames

Open Frames|Gel Frames

Open Frames | Light Gel Frames: 18x24, 24x36, 4x4

Open frames and light gel frames are a handy way to achieve many lighting effects and qualities on set or stage. Need to create a gobo pattern or window pattern in a pinch? A gel frame, some tape and a little creativity is all you need. Film open gel frames and light gel frames may also be used for applications such as stretching fabrics - including scrims, silks and reflectors - and for creating a larger, soft, lighting source with diffusion. Additionally, they're perfect for mounting light gels away from hot lights that can melt or bleach lighting gels to protect your equipment and keep your environment safe.

BarnDoor Lighting has many open frames in popular sizes, including 18- by 24-inch, 24- by 36-inch and 48- by 48-inch frames. We offer open gel frames constructed using flat stock aluminum for easy lighting gel and diffusion attachment as well as easy-to-transport collapsible open frames in round stock. Top name brands, such as Chimera, Modern Studio Equipment and American Grip make high-performance solutions for demanding environments. You may always contact BarnDoor Lighting via phone (1-888-276-3667) or e-mail ( if you have any questions about these products.