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Cable Techniques: Audio Cables and Adapters for DC Power Solutions

Cable Techniques

Cable Techniques: Audio Cables, Adapters, DC Power Solutions, Battery Bud, Mic Splitters

When you need reliable, pro power solutions, Cable Techniques is a great choice. This brand offers an excellent line of thoughtful audio problem-solvers for the forward-thinking location sound recordist. BarnDoor Lighting offers Cable Techniques audio cables, adapters, DC power solutions, mic splitters and the popular Battery Bud Distribution Box in our great selection. You'll find everything from Cable Techniques' line of production essentials which address common sound connectivity issues and make it easier for a soundman to connect to multiple sound devices to their Battery Bud, a modern DC battery audio device powering solution.

12 inch Hirose to Hirose for Sound Devices
Price: $70.00
Our Price: $68.00

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Cable Techniques builds custom-made coiled XLR sound cables for boompoles, which may be used both internally and externally. XLR coil cables are a nice and tidy way to connect "internally cabled" boompoles to mixer inputs in over-the-shoulder applications. This line also offers the XtraGood Mic Splitter, which allows you to split XLR input into two XLR outputs. This convenient tool features a ground lift switch for eliminating AC hum and buzz from ground loops. BarnDoor Lighting is well-equipped to help guide you towards the right Cable Techniques gear. Contact us today via phone or e-mail (1-888-276-3667 or with your questions.