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Cases and Bags

Cases, Bags

Cases and Bags

Do you have film, video and photo gear to tote around with you? Need a case or bag to help you carry it? BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters can help with our selection of film and photo cases and bags. These high-tech photography and film cases and bags are not only designed for easy-carry, they're also made to help protect your gear while you're on the go. Shop Arri cases, CineBags bags, Domke camera bags, LightWare cases and Tenba bags at BarnDoor Lighting. You'll find the right photo or video lighting bag in our shop.

Arri Heavy Duty Light Case with Wheels L2.0005223
Arri Compact 3 Light Case 571194
Arri Compact 4 Light Case with Wheels L2.0005278
Arri Compact 3 Light Case with Wheels L2.0005279
Arri Lamphead Case Arrisun 12 Plus 512936
Arri Compact 4 Light Case 571192
Cinebags Production Bag Camera Bag CB-01
Cinebags CB40 High Roller Camera Gear Bag
Cinebags Gel Roll CB-06
Cinebags AC Pouch CB-03
Cinebags Revolution BackPack CB-25B
Cinebags CB27 Lens & DSLR Smuggler Case
Cinebags CB35 Stryker Camera Bag
Cinebags CB11 Production Bag Mini
Cinebags Bottle Pouch CB-04
Cinebags Laptop Case CB-17
Cinebags Cinematographer's Bag CB-10
Cinebags iPad / Netbook Bag, Soft Case, CB19
Domke F-5XB Brown RuggedWear Camera Shoulder Belt Bag
Domke RuggedWear F2 Shooters Camera Bag Brown Waxed
Advantage Gripware Kino Flo Bag 2ft. for Fixtures and Ballasts KF24
Gel Storage Roll Up for Sheets 21x24 inch
Lightware PixelShade Reduce Glare for Notebook / Laptop Computers
Lightware Multi Format 1623 Soft Case, MF1623
Lightware Multi Format 1629 Soft Case, Travel Kit Case, MF1629
Lightware Multi Format 1420 Soft Case, MF1420
Lightware Professional Video Camera Soft Sided Case VF4400
Lightware Multi Format Soft Case 1217, MF1217
Lightware Multi Format Soft Case Carry On 2012, MF2012
Lightware Flip Lid 8 Cargo Soft Case
Lightware 32" Cargo Case
Lightware Rolling Cargo Case RC1044
Lowel Small Lite Bag Soft Case LB-30
Lowel Large Lite Bag Soft Case LB-35
Lowel GO 85 Hard Case
Lowel Tota / Omni 83 Hard Case TO-83
Lowel Small Rifa LiteBag LB-45
Large Rifa LiteBag LB-40
Lowel Multi Case MCSEM
Lowel Omni 86 Hard Case O1-86Z
Lowel Rifa Large Tube Case R1-83
Lowel Rifa Small Tube Case R1-82
Lowel Tube Case T1-82
Lowel V Shoulder Case V-85
Lowel ViP Shoulder Tube Case ViP-86
Lowel Tota / Omni 84 Case TO-84Z
Lowel Hard Case for GL-1 Power LED - No Insert
Manfrotto Advanced Active Backpack I
Manfrotto Advanced Active Backpack II
Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Backpack
Manfrotto Pro Light Rolling Camera Organizer Case
Manfrotto Professional Photographer Roller Bag 70
Manfrotto Large Light Stand Bag LBAG110
Manfrotto Small Light Stand Bag MB LBAG90
Pelican 0945 Compact Flash Memory Card Case - Black
Pelican Case 1200, PC1200
Pelican Case 1300 Foam Filled, PC1300
Pelican Case 1400 Foam Filled, PC1400
Pelican Case 1450 Foam Filled, PC1450
Pelican 1550 Hard Case PC1550B
Pelican 1600 Hard Case PC1600B
Pelican 1610 Pelican Hard Case PC1610B
Pelican 1630 Hard Transport Case PC1630B
Pelican 1650 Hard Case w / wheels PC1650B
Pelican 1750 Hard Case PC1750B
Soft Tripod Light Stand Case 28" PCTB28
Soft 48" Padded Case Tripod / Light Stands
Tenba Tool Box 8 Camera Gear Bag 636-243
Tenba Messenger DNA 8 Camera iPad & Mini Bag
Tenba DNA 13 Messenger Bag - Graphite 638-375
Tenba DNA 15 Messenger Bag - Graphite 638-381
Tenba Roadie II HDSLR / Video Shoulder Bag 638-334
Tenba Air Case Transport 4 Light Head Extra Deep, Top Load, 634-137
Tenba Shootout Backpack 24L - BLACK 632-421
Tenba Transport Rolling 38" Tripod / Grip Case 634-518
Tenba Transport Rolling 48" Tripod / Grip Case 634-519
Tenba Transport 1x1 LED 2 Panel Case - BLACK
Westcott Spiderlite Deluxe Travel Bag 4211
Zing Small Neoprene Pouch w/ Draw String, Black / Blue
Zing Medium Neoprene Pouch w/ Draw String, Black / Blue
Zing Large Neoprene Pouch w/ Draw String, Black / Blue
Zing X-Large Neoprene Pouch w/ Draw String, Black / Blue, STB1
Zing Neoprene Medium Belt Bag w/ Flap Closures, Black
Zing Neoprene Large Belt Bag w/ Flap Closures, ELTRN, Black
Zing Neoprene Standard Camera / Binocular Strap, Blue, 585-805
Zing Neoprene Memory Card Holder, Black, 595-101
Zing Neoprene Standard Camera Cover, Black, SBK1, 501-101

Whether you need cases for light fixtures, light stands, gels, accessories, cameras, batteries, filters, lenses or cables, we have a case for your gear. Choose from a variety of heavy-duty camera cases and gear bags made by the industry's leading manufacturers, such as Lowel, Kino Flo, Manfrotto and Pelican. We offer soft and hard cases for cameras, lighting equipment and more. If you aren't sure which style is right for your gear, speak to one of our expert team members at 1-888-276-3667 or send us an email at for personalized customer service.