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Film and Video Lighting Equipment


BarnDoor Lighting is owned and operated by Gaffers and Grips with extensive, hands on, experience in lighting equipment.

Get everything you need for a successful film, TV or video shoot with BarnDoor Lighting Outfitters' comprehensive assortment of superior quality video and film lighting equipment. We offer lighting tools for everyone from DIY lighting enthusiasts to professional lighting designers. We sell leading brands like Arri, ETC, Kino Flo, LitePanels and Rosco that manufacture high-performance lighting kits and accessories. From softboxes and lightbanks to high-tech LED ribbons, BarnDoor Lighting has the right equipment for your film and video needs.

Tungsten Fixtures
Tungsten Kits
LED Lights
LED Light Kits
Fluorescent Fixtures
Fluorescent Kits
HMI Daylight Fixtures
HMI Daylight Kits
Chinese Lanterns / China Balls
Photo Strobe / Flash
Stage Lighting
SoftBoxes|Softbanks|Speed Rings
Video Lighting Kits
Lighting Kits
Emergency|Disaster Lighting & Power
LiteMat 1 Hybrid S2 Head Only
LiteMat 1 Hybrid S2 LED Complete Kit
LiteMat 2 LED Hybrid S2 Complete Kit
LiteMat 2L Hybrid S2 LED Complete Kit
LiteMat 3 Hybrid S2 LED Complete Kit
LiteMat 4 LED Hybrid S2 Complete Kit
LiteGear LiteMat Twist on Center Mount Short
LiteGear LiteMat 1 PolySkirt
LiteMat 1 Full Grid Cloth Magic Diffusion
LiteGear LiteRibbon LED Ribbon
LiteGear LiteMat LED
Basic 120 Kit - TUNGSTEN
Basic 120 Kit - DAYLIGHT
Basic 120 Kit - HYBRID
Simple Kit 60 / 120 - TUNGSTEN
Simple Kit 60 / 120 - DAYLIGHT
Simple Kit 60 / 120 - HYBRID
Simple Kit 120 Tungsten / Daylight - COMBO
Pro Reality Kit - Version 1 DAYLIGHT
Pro Reality Kit - Version 1 TUNGSTEN
Pro Reality V2 LED Kit - HYBRID
Commercial V1 Kit - TUNGSTEN
Commercial V1 Kit - DAYLIGHT
Commercial V1 Kit - HYBRID
Car Kit V1 - HYBRID
LitePower Pack - SINGLE
LitePower Pack - HYBRID
LiteStix Pro LED - TUNGSTEN -3200K
LiteStix Pro LED - DAYLIGHT - 6000K
LiteStix Pro LED - HYBRID - 3200K - 6000K
Barrel Extension Cable
LED LiteRibbon Power Supply, 12V, 4A
LiteGear LED LiteRibbon Power Supply 12V, 8A
LiteGear Hybrid Extension Cable Flat
LiteGear LiteDimmer LED Ribbon Single Dimmer 8a
LiteGear LED Dimmer 8a - Pro HYBRID
Barrel 2-Fer Adapter
LiteGear Barrel 4-Fer Adapter
Barrel 8-Fer Adapter
LiteGear AA Battery Holder
LiteGear Hybrid 3-Fer Adapter
LiteGear Hybrid 2-Fer Adapter
LiteGear Cigarette Lighting Adapter
D-Tap Battery Adapter
9V Battery to Barrel Adapter Cable
QR-Gold Battery Mount Plate
G90 Battery
Ribbon Tape Clear Double Sided 1/2 inch x 60 Yards
Barrel Input Lead Cable 10"
Barrel Output Connector
Barrel Input Connector
HyConn PH3 Female Connector
HyConn PH3 Male Connector
Barrel Input Quick On Lead
LiteGear Quick On Coupler Connector
Hybrid 18/3 Wire, 100ft, Flat
LiteGear LitePower NiMH Battery 12V, 4.5AH, Flat Pack
LiteGear LitePower NiMH Battery Charger 12V, 1800mA
LiteGear LitePower NiMH Battery 12V, 10aH, Flat Pack
LiteGear DMX XLR to RJ45 Ethernet Adapter
LiteGear Ethernet DMX Extension Cable RJ45 CAT6 - 1 Foot
LED Sola 4+ Daylight 5600K 4" Fresnel Light Kit 906-4024
Inca 4 Tungsten Fresnel LED Light Kit
LED Sola 6+ Daylight 5600K 6" Fresnel Light Kit 906-2024
Inca 6C Tungsten 3200K 6in Fresnel Light
Sola ENG 3" Fresnel Daylight 5600K Camera Light Kit
Sola ENG LED Flight Kit
Inca 9 Tungsten Fresnel 906-5003
LED Sola 9 Daylight Fresnel 906-5001

Industry mainstays such as Chinese lanterns and photo lighting umbrellas meet cutting-edge lighting equipment in our huge selection. If you're in search of the simplest and most versatile color correct lighting product available, check out the innovative LiteRibbon LED by LiteGear. This product brings color correct white light into a more affordable price range and blends seamlessly with LED fixtures by brands such as Arri and Mole-Richardson Co. We stock a selection of LiteGear LiteRibbon kits, including tungsten, daylight and hybrid kits, that come with the LED ribbon, a dimmer, power supply essentials and a carrying case.

BarnDoor Lighting carries the leading quality light modifiers, including white, silver and shoot-through umbrellas ranging from 18 inches to 7 feet in diameter. Be sure to pick up a versatile, portable lightbank for strobe/flash and check out our low-priced softboxes by brands such as Chimera and Westcott. Get all of this and more when you select a tungsten, fluorescent, HMI or LED light kit that comes with all the bells and whistles. Looking for expert advice? We're happy to assist you with all your production lighting equipment needs. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to get you the right answer every time - it's what has made us an industry-leader for more than 20 years! Give us a call: 1-888-276-3667, or email