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Expendable Supplies for Film, Video and Photo

Expendable Supplies and Consumables

Expendable Supplies and Consumables are all the products "used up" on a film or photo set. They are the simple items that keep a production going from Gaffers Tape to Seamless Paper and Lighting Gels. Whether you need to protect a light from rain with Cello Screen or block a window with Duvetyne, we've got the extensive inventory and selection of the producton supplies you need at the prices you want.

Gaffer and Camera Tape
Lighting Gels|Lighting Filters
Chroma Key Green / Blue Screen Tapes, Paint, Suits and Fabric
China Balls Chinese Lanterns
Rope|Bailing Wire|Trick Line
Gobos and Patterns
Batteries 9V, AA, AAA, Duracell ProCell
Lighting Gels Sheets
Duvetyne|Commando Cloth
Milk Crates
Sound Blankets|Furniture Pads
Spring Clamps / Grip Clips / A Clamps
Cello Screen
Ratchet Straps and Tie Downs
Clothes Pins
The Shine Control High Def Makeup Kit for Film, Video, Photo
Gaffers Tape
Paints, Coatings, Brushes
Seamless Paper
Gel Storage Roll Up for Sheets 21x24 inch
Advantage Wood Dolly Track Wedges Crate of 70
Advantage Short Wood Cribbing 2x4x11 3/4" (35) Pieces in Milk Crate
Gaffer's Glass Contrast Viewing Filter Blue Ring
Full Size Lucite Camera Slate Engraved Clapboard
Dry Erase Marker Black, Marks-a-Lot, O500
1000H Tracing Paper 48" x 20yds Roll PP217
UGlu Clear Adhesive Sticky Tape 1"X 65' Clear Butyl
UGlu Clear Adhesive Sticky Tape 3/4"X 65' "Clear Butyl"
Krylon Dulling Spray Can #1310
Bongo Ties Package of 10 Cable Ties
J-Lar Tape Clear to the Core 2" Roll Gel Seaming
J-Lar Clear to the Core Tape 1" Roll Gel Seaming
Sharpie Silver Fine Point Permanent Marker 4 Pack
Sharpie Fine Point Black Permanent Marker, Single
Sharpie Fine Point Blue Permanent Marker, Single
Sharpie Fine Point Red Permanent Marker, Single
Rubbermaid HD Camera Cart Small 4500
Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Camera / Sound Cart Large 4520
Sekonic 18% Stand Up Gray Card, 401-807
Kupo Grip EZ Cable Tie, Yellow, .78" x 16.1", Single
Kupo Grip EZ Cable Tie, Blue, .78" x 16.1", Single
Kupo Grip EZ Cable Tie, Red, .78" x 16.1", Single
Streaks & Tips Black Spray Hair Color
Bowens JetStream Wind Machine 250
Dust Off Canned Air
Clapboard Slate Masonite Sticks
Bullet Cable Tie with Clear Label Window RFID - Red