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Camera Car Mount | Hollywood Style for DSLR, Film, Video

Camera Car Mounts

Camera Car Mount | Suction Cup Mounts | Camera Hood Mounts | Hostess Tray Camera Mounts

Shooting a commercial in New York, a motion picture in Hollywood or a documentary in Dallas, BarnDoor Lighting has the expert knowledge and gear for safely building your camera car mounts, lighting mounts and grip gear mounts. Building a car rig camera mount is easy when you have the proper tools. Suction Cup Camera Mounts are the simplest and easiest to use as the suction cup creates a vacuum on many non-porous surfaces like glass, steel, plastic and sheet metal. For the most secure mount remember to triangulate -- attach at 3 points creating a triangle mount. Mount your camera on one suction cup and then support it with rods, clamps and grip heads to 2 additional suction cup mount points.

Matthews Hood Mount Kit 415166
Hostess Tray Side Mount Car Kit 415167
Matthews Brauer Hostess Tray Kit
Pump Cup - 6" Suction Cup - with 5/8" Pin 427000
Work Horse Clamp 425153
Horizontal Frame Clamp 415163
Matthews Ball Head Assembly with 6" Suction Cup, 427015
Matthews Magic Riser Car Mount System 415174
Matthews PRO Mount Car System 415168
Matthews Master Mount Car System 415169
Matthews Mitchell High Hat, 815510
Matthews Baby Ball Head Adapter 415173
Car Camera Mount Modern Studio Deluxe Side Mount / Hostess Tray
Modern Studio Mini-Ball Camera Leveling Mount, 027-5020
Modern Studio Camera Car Tarantula Mount 027-5023
4.5" Suction Cup with 3/8" Male Thread, Modern Studio, 026-4810
Modern Studio Camera Car Deluxe Hood Mount 035-6600
Modern Studio 6" Suction Cup with 5/8" Diameter Stud
3" Suction Cup with 5/8" Baby Stud, Modern Studio, 026-4805
Modern Studio Equipment Camera Wedge Plate 027-5080
Manfrotto Pump Suction Cup w/ Flat Base 3/8" Thread
Dedolight Vacuum Mount Suction Cup DV6B
Modern Studio 3" Baby Stud Pin to 3/8 Male Thread
48" Stainless Steel Rod 5/8" Diameter, Modern Studio
Modern Studio Tee for 5/8" Fitting, 008-1870
Modern Studio Tee Receiver for 5/8" Fitting, 008-1868
Modern Studio 5/8" Diameter Over Under Fitting Connector, 008-1880-BZ
Modern Studio 3" Aluminum Baby Stud with 1/4 - 20 Male
Modern Studio Grid Clamp w/ Grip Head 021-3890
Modern Studio Grid Clamp w/ Female Crossover For 1 1/4 inch Rail
Modern Studio Grid Clamp w/ 3/8 inch Male Thread 021-3900
Modern Studio Grid Clamp w/ 3/8 inch Male Thread 021-3900
1in x 10ft Ratchet Strap, Yellow Webbing, Rubber Coated S-Hook
1 in x 15ft Ratchet Strap, Yellow Webbing, Rubber Coated S-Hook