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Sales Tax

Sales Tax will be added to items shipping to CT.

Sales Tax will be charged when an item ships to a state where Barn Door Lighting Outfitters is required to collect sales tax.

Based on the 2018 Supreme Court Ruling, states are permitted to require internet retailers, including small businesses like Barn Door Lighting, to collect sales tax. The taxes collected by our website are based on current state laws. More states will be added as new state laws are passed or sales tax requirements are changed.

Sales Tax (not calculated by our web site) may be added to an order, even though it is not calculated by the website, if the product ordered will be shipped from the manufacturer directly to a customer (drop ship), and the manufacturer is required to collect sales tax. Customer will be notified of the obligation before the order is shipped.

If sellers do not collect sales tax, our customers are at risk of audit, and may be required to remit back taxes, along with penalties and interest.

Tax Exempt? Please email your tax exempt certificate at the time of your order, so your order can be adjusted to reflect your sales tax status.

Thank you for your understanding. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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