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CoTech Lighting Gels

CoTech Lighting Gels

CoTech Lighting Gels: Color Correction, Neutral Density, Diffusion, Party Colors

We invite you to compare ULTRA COLOR LIGHTING FILTERS to Lee, Rosco and Gam. After comparing the Quality, compare the Price!

COTECH LIGHTING FILTERS are coated on both sides of the polyester base for more accurate color control, better consistency and longer lasting color. A computer monitoring system is capable of making minute changes to ensure that colors match control samples to obtain near perfect results. The process is similar to that used by Lee Filters. Other filters are either single sided coated or "deep dyed," a process that adds color to polyester pellets prior to extrusion. Once the extrusion process starts, no corrections can be made. In our tests, ULTRA COLOR LIGHTING FILTERS had amazing resistance to heat and lasted as long as even deep dyed filters.

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