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Apple Boxes for Film, Video, and Photo Production

Apple Boxes

Advantage | American | Matthews | Modern Studio

Apple Boxes for Stage and Studio. A popular tool used by production companies in the film industry. Largest selection of in stock apple boxes. Buy one of the handiest, low cost tools to have on set or in the studio. The Apple Box is precisely made, supported in the center, and dimensionally correct; measuring 20"x12" with available heights of 8", 4", 2" and 1". Use them for propping or leveling, sitting or standing. Nail Wall Plates to them to hold low angle lighting fixtures and multiple other purposes. A full apple box is equivalent to two 1/2 Apples, four 1/4 Apples and eight 1/8 Apples (pancake).

Advantage Grip Full Apple Box AB12208
Advantage Grip Half Apple Box AB12204, APS050
Advantage Grip Quarter Apple Box AB12202, APS025
Eighth Apple Box Pancake AB12201, APS010
Apple Box Complete Set, Full, Half, Quarter and Pancake
Advantage "Set in One" Wood Apple Box Set, Nesting
Apple Box Seat Cushion Black with Pocket
American Grip Apple Box Full
Apple Box Half
Apple Box Quarter
Apple Box Pancake (Eighth) 1/8
American Grip Apple Box Complete Set Full, 1/2, 1/4, Pancake
Apple Box Seat Cushion Black with Pocket
American Grip Cup Blocks Set of 12 w/ Holder
Matthews Full Apple Box
Matthews Half Apple Box
Matthews Quarter Apple Box
Matthews Eighth Apple Box
Matthews Apple Box Set
Apple Box Seat Cushion Black with Pocket
Matthews Baby Sitt'r | 2 Pack
Modern Studio Apple Box Seat Cover w/ Pocket
Modern Apple Box Seat Cover HORIZONTAL
Modern Studio Full Apple Box
Modern Studio Nesting Apple Box Set, 063-1000
Modern Studio Half Apple Box, 063-1105
Modern Studio Quarter Apple Box, 063-1110
Modern Studio 1/8 Apple Box, Pancake, 063-1115
Modern Studio Cup Block, 063-1165
Modern Studio Equipment Apple Box Set
Modern Studio 12 Cup Blocks w/ Carrier
Modern Studio Track Wedge Carrier
Modern Studio Dolly Track Wedge
Modern Studio 16 Cup Blocks w/ Carrier
Modern Studio Camera Wedge
Modern Studio Milk Crate w/ 70 Wood Track Wedges
Modern Studio Aluminum Milk Crate Liner
Modern Studio Milk Crate With 35 Pieces of 2" x 4" Cribbing
Modern Studio Super Apple Box (New York Apple Box)
Modern Studio Vertical Apple Box Seat Cover with Pocket (Chroma Green)
Modern Studio Small Kneeling Pad
Modern Studio Large Kneeling Pad