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Ansi Codes for Bulbs and Lamps are a 3 Letter Code

Ansi Codes for Bulbs and Lamps

Ansi Codes for Bulbs and Lamps are a 3 Letter Code

The ANSI Code is a three-letter code developed by American National Standards Institute to designate light bulbs of same type, wattage, voltage, bulb shape, lamp base, light output and color temperature. This ensures that when you buy lamps with a certain ANSI Code, they will be similar to each other regardless of brand. At BarnDoor Lighting, we offer a wide range of popular and rare ANSI code bulbs to ensure you can get the perfect custom lighting for any video or stage production. Some of the codes you'll find in our collection include BCA, CYV, FDN and GCA, among dozens more.

Choosing BarnDoor Lighting is a smart decision for any grip. That's because we place a high value on customer service as well as offering competitive prices. Looking for a specific bulb? Give us a call at 1-888-276-3667 or send an email at:  We look forward to your call and offering our assistance with any of your lighting, electrical and grip equipment needs.

BCA Photo Flood 250W Bulb 4800K Daylight
BTM 500W Bulb
BTR 1000W 120V Bulb
CYV 1000W, 120V, Bulb Lamp
CYX 2000W Bulb Lamp 2K Fresnel Mole-Richardson Junior
DKZ 1000W 120V Tungsten 3200K Lamp / Bulb 120V
DXW 1,000W, Arrilite 1000, Mole-Richardson Mickey, Redhead
DYG 250W, 30V Bulb for Lowel Omni
EBW Photo Flood 500W Bulb 4800K Daylight
ECA Photo Flood 250W Bulb 3200K
ECT Photo Flood 500W, 120V Practical Bulb
EGN 500w Bulb for Arri / Mole Baby 1K Fresnel
EGT, 1000w, Arri 1K , Mole Fresnel Bulb
EHD 500W Bulb fits Lowel Rifa Light and Lowel Dp
EHZ 300W, 120V Bulb for Lowel T1-10 Tota, Arri Soft, Mole Zip
EKB, 420W, 120V, Bulb Lamp Globe
ESP 150W, 120V Bulb
ESR 100W Bulb Lamp Globe
ESS, 250W, 120V, Bulb / Lamp
ETC 150W, 120V Bulb Tungsten
EYL 100W, 12V, Bulb for Lowel Omni Light
FBY 1000W Bulb Lamp Frosted 120V
FCL 500W, 120V Bulb
FCM, 1000W Bulb for Lowel Tota
FCR 100W, 12V, Clear Bulb for Dedolight
FCS 150W 24V Bulb Dedolight Clear
FCZ 500W, 120V Bulb fits Lowel T1-10 Tota Light Lamp
FDF 500w 120v Bulb for Lowel Tota, Mole Zip and Space Light
FDN, 500W, 120V, 3200K Bulb Lamp Globe
FEL, 1000W, 120V, 3200K Bulb, Lamp, Globe Lowel DP
FEV 200W, 120V Bulb
FEY, 2000W, Bulb / Lamp for Arrilite 2000, Mole-Richardson Mighty Mole
FHM 1000W Bulb
FFT Bulb Lamp 1000W
FKW, 300W, 120V, 3200K, Bulb, Osram
FRK, 650W, 120V Bulb 650 Lamp
FTK 500W Bulb for Lowel Omni Light, Osram
FSH 125W. 120V Bulb fits Lowel Pro Light
FVL 200W Bulb for Mole-Richardson Inbetweenie, Lowel Pro, Rifa
GCA, 250W, 120V Bulb fits Lowel Pro Light P2-10, Ushio
GDA 500W, 120V Bulb fits Lowel V Light