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Hand Held / Shoulder Camera Rigs

Hand Held / Shoulder Camera Rigs

Hand Held / Shoulder Camera Rigs

Want to take your film and video production to a whole new level? BarnDoor Lighting sells a wide variety of professional camera tools and accessories from industry-leading manufacturers such as Steadicam, Manfrotto, F&V, Ikan, Black Magic and more that are all designed to make your job easier and more comfortable. These hand-held and shoulder camera rigs and accessories offer benefits such as making your film or video camera more ergonomic with greater control and stability of movement, all while providing you with increased shot flexibility and creativity.

Rycote 10cm / 4" Hot Shoe Extension Adapter
Price: $31.00
Our Price: $15.99

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Whether you need a handheld camera rig or want a hard disk with shoulder rigs for video cameras, BarnDoor Lighting is your one-stop shop. You'll find the appropriate DSLR shoulder held rig or hand-held rig for your specific camera, budget and needs in our selection. High-quality camera stabilizers, camera cage mounts and camera rod power kits give you everything you need for comfortable shooting. Accessories such as extension adapters will make your camera rigs even better.

Since 1995, BarnDoor Lighting has been supplying the best products for video and film industry professionals. We'll go the extra mile to help answer your camera rig and equipment questions. Contact us today at 1-888-276-3667 or drop us an email at