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Sennheiser: Microphones, Wireless Mic Sytems, Headphones


Sennheiser: Microphones, Sennheiser Wireless Mic Systems, Headphones

Sound professionals trust Sennheiser for all their recording and listening needs. This leading manufacturer offers German design and construction of professional-grade microphones and headphones for film and video production. Sennheiser offers some of the industry's leading shotgun microphones, wireless microphone systems, lavalier microphones and handheld microphones on the market. BarnDoor Lighting hand-selects excellent Sennheiser microphones and products for our discerning customers.

Sennheiser K6 Power Module Battery / Phantom
Price: $319.95
Our Price: $179.95

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The convenient and durable Sennheiser wireless mic systems are designed for providing flexible, reliable recording indoors and out. They're made with sturdy metal housings for use in rugged on-set or on-location environments and have user-friendly menu operations that require little to no training. Be sure to explore all of our high-quality microphones for more excellent devices by top name brands. Remember, you can always contact BarnDoor Lighting at 1-888-276-3667 or if you'd like expert, personalized advice on which sound equipment to purchase.