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Electrical Distribution / Distro Boxes

Distribution / Distro BoxesInvest in a quality distribution box if you're working away from a set or studio, or in any environment where you need temporary, portable power. Distro boxes are recommended for film, stage, theater and event productions and provide compact, lightweight on-the-go power. Top manufactures like Motion Lab, Lex and Mole-Richardson make distro boxes designed to withstand the rigors of the professional film industry. Find the right electrical distribution box in our selection.

Lex 60 Amp CineBox Feed Thru Edison Distro Lunch Box
Lex 100 Amp Cinebox Lunch Box Feed Thru Stage Pin
Lex Products 300 Amp CineBox 100A 3 Phase
Lex Products 600 Amp Cinebox Distro Box
Lex Distro Box 100A 3 Phase to (3) 100 Amp Studio Pin Outlet
Lex Products Bento Distro Box (1) 100A to (5) 20A Circuits
Lex 200A 3 Phase / 6 100A Bates Distro Box
Lex Products 100 Amp Bento Hollywood Box w/ Tail, Edison
Lex 200A 3 Phase Power Stations Jr. to GFCI 20A Duplex Receptacles
Lex Products 60 Amp Hollywood Bento Box to (3) 20A Edison
Lex 100A Lunch Box Single Phase to (5) 20A Duplex Feed Thru
Lex Indoor 100 Amp 3 Phase to (15) 20 Amp Duplex Receptacles
Lex 100-250 Amp Adjustable Breaker Disconnect Box Bull Switch
Lex 160 - 400 Amp Adjustable Breaker Disconnect Box Bull Switch
Lex Products Outdoor 100A Cam Distro Box w/ (12) 20A GFCI Duplex
Lex Distribution Box Outdoor Pagoda 100A / 3 Phase (15) 20A Duplex
Lex Outdoor Electrical Distro Box Hammerhead 400 Amp / 3 Phase
Lex Products 60 Amp Hollywood Bento Box to (3) 20A Edison
Lex 20A Break Out Box 19 Pin to Powercon Feed Thru Bento
Lex 20A Bento Break Out Box 19 Pin Tale to Edison and Stage Pin
Lex 20A Break Out Bento Box 19 Pin LSC Input to Edison and Stage Pin
Lex 50 Amp Pagoda Jr. to GFCI Duplex Distro Box Weather Resistant
Mole Richardson Cam-Lok® Pass-Thru Plus 600 Amps Three Phase
Mole Richardson Lunch Box Plus 100A Switchable Pass Thru 7701
Mole Richardson Cam Lok Pass Thru Plus 900A 3 Phase Distro Box
Mole 100A 3 Phase Camlok Pigtail Distro Box 5991
Mole 600A 3-Phase Camlock Distro Box 4681
Mole 60A 6-Recept To 60A Bates Gang Box 5001545
Mole Richardson 60A Bates to Edison Rubber Box 120V, 5001774
Mole Richardson 100A Bates to Edison, 120V, Rubber Box 5001707
Motion Labs Non-Breaker Stringer Box, L21-20 I/O X 6 Duplx Edison.
Motion Labs Breakered Stringer Box Twist Lock L21-30 I/O x 3 Edison
Motion Labs Stringer Box 19 Pin I/O to 6 Edison Duplex Non-Breakered
Motion Labs Non-Breakered Stringer Box,19 Pin X 6 Stage Truss Mnt
Motion Labs Breakered Stringer Box, Twist Lock L21-30 I/O X 6 Edison
Lex 200A 3 Phase Power Station to NEMA TT-30 RV Receptacles
Lex 200A 3 Phase Moving Light Electrical Distro Box
Lex Products 400a 3 Phase Cam Spider Box
Lex 400A 3 Phase Motion Picture Box Stage Pin Feed Thru
100a Stage Pin Male to (5) 15a Edison Splitter
60a Bates Male to (3) 15a Edison Splitter

From the power-packed Lex 200-Amp Three-Phase Power Stations Jr. that offers five cam-type color coded inlets and 24 duplex receptacles housed within a weather-resistant, stock-resistant body to the affordable Motion Labs Non-Breaker Stringer Box that weighs just 5 pounds, BarnDoor Lighting surely has the ideal distro box for your budget and needs. Choose from Cam-Lok, bates, stage pin and 19-pin. Have questions? Reach out to us via phone at: 1-888-276-3667, or e-mail, if you arent sure which type to buy.