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SoftBoxes | Softbanks | Speed Rings

SoftBoxes|Softbanks|Speed Rings

SoftBoxes | Softbanks | Speed Rings: Chimera, Profoto, and Westcott

SoftBoxes or softbanks are lighting accessories designed to be mounted onto the front of a light fixture. They provide natural, shadowless light using a large diffused light source. These high-quality Profoto and Chimera softboxes are made from heat-resistant fabric to help you achieve stunning portraits via a large, wrapping light source. They're perfect for helping grips save on time and labor because they require fewer flags and frames to control your lighting on set.

BarnDoor Lighting offers softboxes, softbanks and speed rings that are perfect for your unique needs. You can also purchase accessories such as grids and honeycombs, if you want to control the direction of the light and create less lighting spill. Each of these products folds into a small bag for easy storage and transport so you can use them on location and keep them protected on busy shoots.

Remember, to mount your softbank to a light, you'll need the appropriate speed ring for the particular light. The softbank then connects to the speed ring using four poles, which are inserted into four corresponding holes. If you have specific questions about this or any of the products we feature at BarnDoor Lighting, give us a call at 1-888-276-3667 or email We provide expert, one-on-one customer service.