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Lowel Lighting

Lowel Lighting
Lowel Lighting

Lowel Lighting | Lights for Film, Video and Photo

Lowel-Light is an industry leader when it comes to location lighting, with portable-but-powerful lighting solutions for the most demanding photographers and DPs. Lowel Lighting offers a large selection of lighting, including a variety of tungsten light fixtures, light kits, LED lights, Light Paks, cases, stands, mounts and much more. With the Lowel brand, you get reliable lighting systems that promise on-location durability, versatility and value. Lowel's compact-yet-rugged lighting kits provide quality output that will perform well in all environments.

Makers of the famous Lowel Tota-light, Lowel is an expert when it comes to travel-friendly lighting. The Tota-light is a compact, rugged and versatile multi-use light that can be used as a soft key, fill or backlight. Thanks to the company's comprehensive lineup, there is an appropriate Lowel lighting solution for any need. If you aren't sure which product to buy, simply reach out to the folks at BarnDoor Lighting at 1-888-276-3667 or, and we'll guide you to the right products.