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Lyntec Power and Lighting Control. Remote Control Circuit Breakers and Electrical Panels

LynTec Lighting & Power Control

LynTec Power and Lighting Control

Power and Lighting Control featureing remote controlled breakers, relays and electrical panels.

Power control simplified. LynTec has 35 years of experience in the power control panel industry. Our background is with large concert venues like Madison Square Garden, but we have expanded our business to help a variety of organizations with different audio, visual, and lighting systems. Our equipment can be seen everywhere there is sight and sound, from high school auditoriums to NHL arenas. Our remote control circuit breaker panel simplifies system operation by integrating all the systems together and allowing for easy remote monitoring. By incorporating several elements at once, including electrical surge protection, circuit switching capacity, and an operation controller together, we can save you wall space and make the system more cost effective to install.

LynTec Rack-Mount Panel with (4) 120V 20A Relays
Price: $2,840.00
Our Price: $2,409.88

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Lyntec SS-2LRP Locking Rack Plate Switch Set
Price: $192.00
Our Price: $161.88

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LynTec XPC Xtend Power Controller
Price: $1,240.00
Our Price: $1,052.88

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LynTec SS-2DPL Locking Switch Set Decora Style
Price: $141.00
Our Price: $119.88

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LynTec PDS-10 Sequencing Relay Panel 10 Circuit
Price: $2,173.17
Our Price: $1,847.88

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