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Manfrotto Bags | BackPacks | Pouches | Cases

Manfrotto Bags|BackPacks|Pouches|Cases

Manfrotto Bags | BackPacks | Pouches

The Manfrotto Bag category is more than a wide range of products: it's a real system of photo carrying solutions designed to meet your style as well as photographic needs. The Lino Bag Collection is a select range of Italian-styled, luxury professional items while the Stile Collection shares the Italian-styling but is designed for social recorders who look to carry their camera equipment alongside all their daily personal gear as well. Both collections have been designed with integrated tripod carrying features, thus tying in Manfrotto's new bag range with Manfrotto's Support Heritage.

Manfrotto Bags, Backpacks, Pouches for Photo Video

Manfrotto Advanced Active Backpack I
Price: $120.00
Our Price: $104.99

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