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C Stands / Grip Stand American

American C Stands / Grip Stands

American Grip C-Stands / Grip Stands

C Stands are one of the most popular tools used on a film or photo set. C Stands, also known as grip stands, are designed to hold nets, flags and scrims at the perfect angle and location. Great for holding lights, props, flats, signs, bouncecards and other light modifiers. Compact base with 3 tiered legs allows for easy stacking. All steel construction to prevent bending of riser tubes. Quick tips on how to use a c-stand correctly: 1) always place the load on arm so grip head tightens (righty - tighty), 2) always place load over larger (taller) leg of c-stand which prevents stand from tipping, and 3) please use a sandbag or two to secure stand.