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American Grip Equipment Clamps and Hardware

American Clamps and HardwareAmerican Grip Clamps and Hardware. Grip equipment for motion picture lighting and rigging.

American Duck Bill / Bead Board Holder
American Grip DuckBill Clamp Mini
Chain Vise Grip with (2) Baby Studs 5/8"
Baby Offset Arm 14 inch
American Grip Menace Arm Kit ME202
American Grip Scissor Clamp
Junior Offset Arm 14 inch
Scaffold Clamp / Big Ben Clamp with 1 1/8" Pin
American Grip Apple Box Full
Apple Box Half
Apple Box Quarter
Apple Box Pancake (Eighth) 1/8
American Baby Pipe Clamp with 5/8" Stud ME126
American Junior Pipe Clamp with 1 1/8" Receiver ME128
American Adjustable Extension Hanger 3' to 6' (Stir-up not included)
American Adjustable Extension Hanger 4' to 8' (Stir-up not included)
American Adjustable Extension 5' to 10' (Stir-up not included)
American Stir-up Only ME134
American 1-2ft Lightweight Adjustable Extension Hanger Black
American Grip Junior Wall Plate 2K Pigeon
American Junior Grip Head 4" Lolli Pop Combo Head RH01
American 4" Large Double Grip Head Lollipop
American Grip Center Head Grip Head 4" w/ 1 1/8" Pin Lolli-Pop
American Grip 3" Baby Wall Plate Pigeon
American 6 inch Baby Plate Pigeon ME03
American Small Grip Head Double Gag
American Baby Grid Clamp Scaffold Clamp w/ 5/8" Pin ME138
American Junior Grid Clamp Scaffold Clamp w/1-1/8" Socket ME140
American Combo / Spud Adaptor Pin 1 1/8" to 5/8" RSA04
American 6" Baby Riser 5/8" Stud ME62
American 12" Baby Riser 5/8" Stud ME64
American 18" Baby Riser 5/8" Stud ME66
American 24" Baby Riser 5/8" Stud ME68
American Furniture Clamp Slider with 5/8" Pin ME18
American 3/4" x 48" Pipe & Clamp ME194
American Grip Junior 3/4" Pipe Slider w/ 1 1/8" Socket ME116
American Baby 3/4" Pipe Slider w/ 5/8" Pin ME118
American Grip Arm 40" CA06
American 30" Grip Arm Short Arm Extension Arm CA02
American Gaffer Grip with 5/8" Pin Gator Grip ME61
American Grip Stand Adapter 5/8" Socket to 3/8-16 Thread
American Grip Extending Baby Offset Arm ME48X
American Grip Junior 2K Triple Header 42" ME54
American Grip T-Bone Junior 2K Base ME200
American Grip Baby Right Angle Offset (Two 5/8" Pins) ME46
American Grip 5/8" coupler 6" long ME51
American Grip ME162 Baby Saver
American Grip Condor Slider ME168
American 2"x4" Holder w/Ear ME76
American Grip Medium Handle 3/8"-16
American Grip Head 2.5" CA04
American Grip One Step Grip Head
American Grip 4 Inch C-Clamp with Baby Pins
American Grip 6 Inch C-Clamp with Baby Pins
American Grip 8 Inch C-Clamp with Baby Pins
American Grip Scaffold Clamp with Ear 6 "
American Grip Baby Plate with 5/8 in Female Receiver
American C Boom Clamp 1" pipe hinged clamp
American Grip Junior Saver
American Grip Grip Saver
American Grip 36" Junior Riser
American Grip Crab Dolly Riser
American Grip Junior Receiver to Ear
American Grip Junior Extendable Offset Arm
American Grip Baby Side Arm (Fits 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" Pipe)
American Grip Baby Triple Offset Arm 30"
American Grip 5/8" Socket to 1-1/8" Socket
American Grip LolliTop 4" Diameter w/1-1/8" Pin
American Grip 12' Removable Slider with Ear (1")
American Grip Scaffold Clamp w/1-1/8" Side Mount Socket
American Grip Ridged Scaffold Cheseboro Clamp
American Grip Swivel Scaffold Cheseboro Clamp
American 1 1/4" Pipe Wall Spreader
American Grip 1 1/2" Pipe Wall Spreader
American Grip Fiber Friction Washer 4" for Large Grip Head
American Grip Large T Handle for 4" Large Grip Head
American Grip T-Handle for 2.5" Grip Head
American Grip C-Boom 1" Hinged Pipe Clamp
American Grip Junior Side Arm
American Grip 5/8" Baby Pin with Male 1" x 3/8"-16 Threads