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Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Light L0.0007063

SKU: L0-0007063

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Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Light L0.0007063

The Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Light is the soft light redefined. Featuring complete color control from Tungsten to Daylight. Great color rendition with the ability to create any RGB color with hue and saturation control. Fast and easy color selection with the LED Light Engine

The Versatile S60 can be used to create natural sunlight or use it as a beauty light when lighting portraits or sit down interviews. Get natural skin tones and smooth, even light.

Unlike other LED fixtures, the Arri S60 produces a Single, Soft Shadow. Front diffusion panel is made of thermoplastic and measures 25.4" x 11.8". The SkyPanel ships with the standard diffuser which is a medium diffusion. Heavier and lighter diffusion panels are available.

The SkyPanel features the light head, power supply and header cable. The power supply can be mounted on the back of the fixture with included rail mount. The benefit of the two piece system allows for a lighter weight when hanging the fixture from above.

Use it as a space light with optional lantern and hanger. Create super-soft light with Chimera soft box or Snap Bag. Add a grid for more focused beam. Shoot it thru a window for soft sun light. Light a cyc with deep color in RGB mode. Built in popular lighting gels from Rosco and LEE. Just dial in the perfect color for your shoot.

Built in dimmer as well as 512 DMX input and output. It is brighter than a 2k tungsten soft light or a tungsten 6k space light. Runs on just 420 watts of power.

Can be controlled with wireless DMX using optional Arri Skylink. A wired remote control with 5 meter cable can also be used.

Use it inside or out, the SkyPanel makes a great daylight fill light. A real natural light source, the Arri SkyPanel S60 creates a single, soft shadow.

Need to run it on a battery? No problem, a 23-36v DC input jack is included. 36 volts is required for full light output. See the Block Battery option for maximum power and run time.

Working in tight spaces? The ultra thin 5.1" depth is a valuable feature. The power supply can be mounted on the unit or remotely utilizing the head cable. When hanging fixture save weight with power supply removed.

The S60 has become a real game changer as a "swiss army knife" of lighting. It is such a great lighting tool that has replaced many traditional fixtures, as well as specialty type fixtures. Built in effects lighting including: cop car, fire, lightning, strobe, tv, fireworks and more.

Optional accessories for light beam control with barndoors, grids, lanterns and soft boxes. A great investment is the custom designed SkyPanel Case. Fits light, power supply, power cable, head cable, power supply rail mount and grid.

Mounts on combo stand or hang with junior pipe clamp with 1 1/8" receiver.

Keep your SkyPanel up to date with new software releases with built-in USB port.

Can it handle life on location? Built and designed in Germany, the high quality SkyPanel is constructed with Arri's renowned ruggedness.

Once you start using the S60-C on location you will learn what a handy tool it is and why it is so popular. On a recent shoot I used it for creating white limbo. Hung from the studio grid with lanterns attached for top light. Additional units were used to light the cyc wall from top to bottom. The key lights were two S360 pushed thru a Modern Studio 12 x 12 frame. The frame was skinned with Modern Studio Silent Light Grid Cloth. Backlights were 3 SkyPanels on the talent.

On another shoot I used the Arri SkyPanel S60-C to mimic light from a fireplace with a fire flicker effect. In addition, one unit shooting thru the window for moonlight. A third fixture was used for a soft fill light. The late night lighting created the perfect romantic mood. One light that does it all and no lighting gels or effects generators needed!

Now our "go to" light on most sets. Used SkyPanel when lighting a night club scene. Re-created neon bar signs and neon lights with the vibrant colors generated. Also was a pefect match for producing candle light from candles on tables.

In a car scene we were able to create moving lights of passing cars, as well as police car red/ blue lights. So simple to use and control.

Also available in a less expensive remote phosphor version.

Colors available in standard Silver / Blue or optional Black.

Specs: LampHead


Distance: 16.4' (5.0m)
At 3200K
With Standard Diffusion: 393 lux / 37 fc
With Lite Diffusion: 462 lux / 43 fc
With Heavy Diffusion: 320 lux / 30 fc
With Intensifier: 511 lux / 47 fc

At 5600K
With Standard Diffusion: 416 lux / 39 fc
Lite Diffusion: 489 lux / 45 fc
With Heavy Diffusion: 338 lux / 31 fc
With Intensifier: 541 lux / 50 fc

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By Michael
Orlando FL
As much a standard as the 4x4 Kino Flo...
December 20, 2019
As a worker in the film industry for over thirty years you see patterns of choices for "must haves" in lighting for a shoot and that is what the S-60 is. As a grip truck owner I resisted getting one of these feeling they are just a expensive, color changing 4K soft light. They put out a lot of light,but it goes everywhere. I was using them often (subrenting) but not in love with the light with its difficult to reach controls and its weight at 50 lbs. is pretty hefty. On a shoot we used one to blast across a large restaurant as a 3/4 back edge for the whole room surrounded by glass on two sides. We switched the color temp from daylight to tungsten and it changed the feel of the whole scene and a bell went off for me of some of the capabilities of this light. I supplemented mine with a remote controller and I use tie line through the handle to attach the ballast/power supply to the stand (the clamp is a pain) but by taking the power supply off the light makes it manageable-I use it almost always on a stand so the power supply hangs off the lowest knuckle and keeps the COG low. the softbox reels in some of the ridiculous 180ish degree of light spill. With my major complaints resolved for about a thousand dollars extra I look forward to finding more ways to use this light and make it work to help my DPs make more nice images.
  • lots of light
  • low power draw
  • + or - green dials in
  • lots of colors are entertaining and handy
  • great effects built in
  • Heavy as heck with power supply attached
  • top mounted controller is tough to reach at any "normal" operating height
  • not a light to subject to bad weather conditions
  • had to buy a black one to go with my work clothes
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