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Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror iCue for ETC Altman Strand Selecon Moving Stage Spot Light

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Turn Your ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal Light into a Moving Light with Rosco's I-Cue Intelligent Mirror.

Aslo fits Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL and Selecon Pacific or any light fixture with 6.25" gel slot.

The Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror allows you to use your spotlights with much greater flexibility and control. The major function of the I-Cue is the ability to re-position the beam of light so a single spotlight in a fixed position can illuminate dozens of different locations.

The Rosco I-Cue has onboard DMX, which means that control and direction of the mirror -- and the beam it reflects -- is available through your lighting control system. The industry standard DMX protocol assures accurate and repeatable beam placement.

With a pan of 230 degrees and a tilt of 57.3 degrees, the I-Cue can convert any standard theatrical spotlight into an effective moving light. Color scrollers made by all the major manufacturers can be used with the I-Cue, allowing you to create spectacular moving-light, moving-color effects so popular in today's lighting designs.

The Rosco I-Cue Intellient Mirror lets you do more with less. Mounted on an ellipsoidal spotlight, the lightweight moving mirror allows you to reposition the beam of light at will. A single luminaire can be used for multiple specials, focused wherever the designer requires and moved with a simple cue from your DMX console. This is done silently, quickly and accurately and can be repeated over and over again, every night of the performance. The ultra quiet stepper motors used allow the I-Cue to succeed even in television studios and concert halls where any ambient motor noise is unacceptable.

Intended for use on modern luminares with 6 in lens systems, the I-Cue slides into a 6-1/4in color frame slot. Weighing only 3-1/2 pounds, it is easily installed and won't cause the fixture to drop. The mirror size restricts the lens barrel to 36-degrees or less, though a front spill plate can be positioned to block light leak on wider lenses.

For more dynamic moving effects, the I-Cue can be used in conjunction with color scrollers, effectively turning your simple leko into a sophisticated automated light! An accessory bracket, the "Broadway Mounting Kit" extends the mirror head out from the color slot over the scroller body in instances where the scroller is not capable of holding the I-Cue directly.

Maximum Versatility


The device requires a 24 volt DC power supply (NOT INCLUDED). At 24 volts DC, the Rosco I-Cue consumes 0.7 amps. A 4-pin XLR "scroller" cable is used to connect the PSU to the I-Cue. Multiple units may be "daisy chained" together, limited by cable length guidelines and wattage limitations of the PSU. Many of the 24 volt power supply units offered by the major manufacturers of color scrollers will run the Rosco I-Cue. Here is a partial list of the scroller power supply units known to be compatible with the Rosco I-Cue: Wybron - Forerunner; Rainbow - Mini, Maxi and Micro; AC Lighting - Chroma Q and Christie Lites - Color Q.

Stand Alone Mode

For installations where DMX control is not available, simple repetitive motions can be programmed directly into the I-Cue. See I-Cue Operation Manual for details. In addition, all units come with a pre-programmed "chase sequence" for either self testing the unit without the presence of a DMX signal or for when you want random non-DMX moving light effects(commonly referred to as a "Ballyhoo"). To put the unit into demo mode simply set the DMX address to 600.

Some Additional Information:

The Rosco I-Cue is built with ultraquiet stepper motors so it may be used in such production settings as concert halls and theatres. The device weighs only 3.5 pounds (1.59kg) and will not tip the balance of the fixture to which it is attached. The plastic mirror used in the Rosco I-Cue is a first surface mirror, 6"x 7" (15.24 x 17.78 cm). DMX addressing is achieved through user friendly rotary decimal switches.

The Rosco I-Cue is an intelligent mirror accessory designed to allow users of ellipsoidal spotlights to achieve many of the moving light effects traditionally available with automated fixtures. The unit is controlled via DMX 512 in 8 bit or 16 bit resolution. The moving mirror head offers smooth pan and tilt as well as quick response re-positioning.

The Rosco I-Cue also acts as a multiple positioning light fixture for any space with a limited number of lighting fixtures, limited hang space, or a limited number of dimmers, allowing a single fixture to take the place of multiple single use fixtures. Utilizing the onboard DMX makes changing positions as simple as recording a cue, or multiple cues on your light board.

Physical Specs:

Height: 10.25 inches (26.04cm)

Length: 10.50 inches (26.7cm)

Width: 9.00 inches (15.88 cm)

Weight: 3.5 pounds (1.59 kg)

Finish: Matte Black

Additional Power Supply Units:

Addressing The Unit:

The I-Cue comes with onboard DMX addressing via 3 rotary switches. To address the unit to channel 300, you would simply set switch 1 to position 3, switch 2 to position 0 and switch 3 to position 0. Make sure there are no other fixtures or effects set to the same address before choosing your channels.

Modes of Operation:

The I-Cue comes with the ability for 8 bit or 16 bit operating resolution which can be set by the user via an onboard dip switch. Switch 1 selects 8 bit resolution (off) and 16 bit resolution (on).

In 8 bit mode the unit is set for 2 channels of operation from your light-board, pan and tilt.

8 Bit Channel Breakdown:

In 16 bit mode the unit is set for 4 channels of operation from your light board, Pan Course, Pan Fine, Tilt Course and Tilt Fine.

16 Bit Mode Channel Breakdown:
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