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Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 4ft Bulb T12 120VAC

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Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 4ft T12 120VAC

New Design with New Power Cable

The Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 4ft is a Variable Color LED replacement for a T12 4' fluorescent lamps. These 50 watt tubes produce 90 lumens per watt! Quasar lamps are dimmable, flicker free and 25,000 hr average life. Best of all the Quasar Tubes are rugged, built with aluminum frame and plastic front diffuser. They can operate as a single tube or ganged together for a large light source. A really neat tool is the optional Modern Studio Fluorescent Lamp Holder. Holds a single tube and has a 5/8" diameter baby pin for mounting in a c-stand.

Featuring a CRI of 95+ and no green or magenta spike. The X Crossfade lamps have a wheel at the end of the unit to scroll to the desired setting color temperature from Tungsten 2000K to Daylight 6000K. 120 volt AC power is required at just one end of the tube, reducing cabling needs. Each lamp ships with (2) Q Boots and (1) Pratt Power Cable.


Included with every Tube

Technology that Keeps Up

Given the inevitable fact that all LEDs eventually "burnout" after lengthy use as the phosphorus fades, our LED boards are completely replaceable just like a light bulb.

This allows the Driver and Heat Sink to last well beyond the life of the Light Emitting Diodes. Once the CRI drops, just slap in a new LED board.

Upgrades are also possible as advancements are made in the ratio of Lumens Per Watt, future LED boards will output more light utilizing the same driver and power supply.

Our Snap-In driver system makes maintenance quick and painless; allowing for a quick swap between 120vac and 240vac drivers. This also keeps entire systems from being "totaled" as when one simple malfunction would drag down the whole apparatus.

Increased durability was a result with a reduction in soldered and crimped terminals we are able to build incredibly tough and long lasting hardware for the rough conditions of professional lighting.

Compatible Dimmers

***Dimmers that require "Ghost Load"*** for loads below 50 watts LED

**A "Ghost Load" is traditionally an off camera light used to draw additional power in order to balance and stabilize a power supply.

In this case a small incandescent light bulb (around 15w) should be attached to the line to burn off any voltage leak from the dimmers.

Product Reviews
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8 Reviews
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38% (3)
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13% (1)
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88% Recommend this product (7 of 8 responses)
By Levi M.
Washington DC
Industry work horse.
December 31, 2019
The first and most widely adapted led ‘tube’ light. You need a few of these on the truck. You can do a ton with just a few of these and they are excellent for effect lighting and flares. Staff at barn door is always awesome and I have always receive a call if there will be a delay or change.
By Mike
New Jersey
Workhorse light!
December 29, 2019
I love Quasars. More and more I find myself needing these on sets. Bright, dimmable, bi-color, and light weight, they're an essential tool to have. The versatility of these lights allows for placement just about anywhere on a set. I'mm glad to now be an owner of several units.

And ordering from Barndoor is always a solid experience. Quick and easy checkout process, an if there are any issues or concerns, they give me a call first. Can't beat that!

By Chris
North carolina
Love these lights
May 19, 2019
These lights replaced my kino vistas and they far surpassed expectations. I love the build of these lights. I put them up and down every fay at least 4 times and they are fantastic.
By Michael S.
Orlando Florida
Giving Kino a run for their money
April 9, 2019
Love the bicolor aspect without changing tubes, ease of hiding on sets(not unlike a single tube kino, but without the ballast) Brighter than needed usually and the thought that a cheap hand dimmer will tame them is great- with no color shift. my only regret is not jumping on board sooner. I'm thinking about loading my image 85 with them! (sorry Kino Flo)
  • Read the review dammit!
  • When you drop a Kino tube you get a rain stick, when you drop a quasar, you pick it up, blush, and get back to work.
By Matthew
American Fork, UT
So promising
June 17, 2018
These lights were so promising, but they really dropped the ball with their connectors. They're constantly breaking. The lights themselves are pretty finicky too. Bought 8 and had two that had issues with flickering. Hopefully their new RGB lights are better.
Merchant Response:Quasar's first run of lamps had a few manufacturing issues, but they promptly replaced any defective units with the new improved version.
By Toby
Austin, TX
February 8, 2018
Finally a T-12-sized LED Tube that's superior to the old KINO FLO fluorescent lamps. We use them both individually and replacing KINO tubes in KINO fixtures and they match the quality of light of the KINOs but they draw less power and output more footcandles. And since you change color temperature with the dial on the tube, there's none of the time lost changing tubes to change color temperature you would have with KINOs.
By Thomas C.
Chicago, Illinois
Workhorse LEDS breath new life into Kino stuff
October 2, 2017
We've replaced the tubes in all of our kino housings with these and they work on every job. Very bright, very light, can plug a bunch into a 15a circuit and still have room for more.
  • Bright, bi-color, lightweight, low power demand, low heat output
By Mike
Portland, OR
Amazingly Bright Bi-Color Tube
May 8, 2017
I am very pleased with the light output. the quality of the light and the color temperature adjustment. There is a very minimal green/magenta shift that has plagued most bi-color led lights I have worked with. It seems well built with the exception of the ground pin connector on the end of the tube. It is far to small and very fragile. I would recommend connecting the power cable and leaving it on at all times. As stated on the website with the proper dimmer the tube will dim very smooth. A big improvement from other tubes I have used. Other than ground pin it seems like a solid product. I have had them for a month now and on a feature for 3 weeks.
  • High output, good color, dimmable
  • Fragile ground pin
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