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Lighting and Grip Equipment ON SALE

Save Now with Latest Deals on Lighting and Grip Equipment for Film, Video and Photo

Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED Light
Arri SkyPanel LED Light S30-C
Modern Studio Clover Vibration Mount
Modern Baby Bee Soft Grid for Quasar Rainbow 4ft Tube
Lex Products Outdoor 100A Cam Distro Box w/ (12) 20A GFCI Duplex
Extension Cord 12/3 25ft. SJOOW with 15A Connectors PE700J-25-515
Lex 100 Amp Cinebox Lunch Box Feed Thru Stage Pin
LitePanels Astra 6X BiColor LED 1x1 Light
Stinger Edison Extension Cable 50ft 12/3 SJOOW
Modern Studio 6x6 Butterfly Frame 6ft Tubes
Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 1ft Bulb T12 120VAC
Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 2ft Bulb T12 120VAC
Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 4ft Bulb T12 120VAC
Quasar Tubes Q-LED X CrossFade Linear Lamp 1ft Bulb T12 120VAC
Dimmer 1000W Household Lighting 1K
Rosco Stage and Studio Fog Fluid Liter, 200090000034
Ironclad Ranchworx Leather Gloves - Large
Ironclad Ranchworx Leather Gloves - XLarge
Cinebags Gel Roll CB-06
660W Socket Assembly Chinese Lantern China Ball
Bullet Cable Tie with Clear Label Window RFID - White
Giottos Rocket Air Blaster Medium Black
Arrilite 650W/800W/1000W Speed Ring 2900
Rosco Cinegel Color Correction Gel Pack (16) 12x12 in Sheets
Stealth Glove Black, Light Duty, Touch Screen Friendly
Avenger Baby Pipe Clamp C210
Matthews MQ Mount T12 LED & Fluorescent Lamp Holder
K5600 Joker 200 / 400 / 800W Dedicated Speed Ring 9780AL
FRK, 650W, 120V Bulb 650 Lamp
Koto 800w HMI Lamp Joker 800 Daylight Single Ended HR
Rosco BlackWrap Studio Black Wrap Cinefoil 12"x50ft
Avenger 2.5 inch Grip Head D200 Chrome
Rosco Black Aluminum PhotoFoil in Poly Tube 24"x10ft
EGT, 1000w, Arri 1K , Mole Fresnel Bulb
#2 SC Banded 5 Wire Cam Feeder Cable 25ft
Volta 150Wh Li-Ion Battery V-Mount 14.8V | USB & D-Tap
1800W HMI Single Ended Lamp Hot Restrike - KOTO
Milk Crate Storage Bin
Half Milk Crate 1/2 Grey Storage Bin
Osram Joker 400w HMI Lamp UVS Single Ended Hot Restrike
Pro AV Cable Tape Black 2" x 55 Yds
Modern Studio Equipment Baby Grid Clamp Little Ben 021-3930
Pro-Gaff Black Gaffers Tape Pro Grade on 1" Mini Core 2"x30yds
Modern Studio T12 Fluorescent / Quasar Tube Holder w/ Rubber Clips
Matthellini 6" End Jaw Clamp 420210
Fluorescent Green 1" Camera Tape Roll
Cardellini Clamp X-Long End Jaw 3 Inch 3E
Sash Cord # 10 Cotton 100ft White
Matthews Corner for 1 1/4" Pipe
Magic Gadgets 2000W Inline Quick Dimmer 2,000W
Scaffold Clamp / Big Ben Clamp with 1 1/8" Pin
Lex LSC 6 Circuit Live Tester LT-19P
American 12" Baby Riser 5/8" Stud ME64
Modern Studio 6" Suction Cup with 5/8" Diameter Stud
9.Solutions Heavy Duty Python Clamp with Stud
UGlu Clear Adhesive Sticky Tape 1"X 65' Clear Butyl
Rosco GaffTac Gaffers Tape White 2in x 55 yds
Rosco GaffTac Gaffers Tape Grey 2in x 55 yds