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Molescent Biax Fluorescent Lights

Molescent Biax Fluorescent LightsIntroducing the Mole Richardson Molescent Biax Series of fluorescent fixtures. Created from a blend of lightweight polypropylene and aluminum, the “Molescent” houses high output, 55w Biax lamps, with dimmable flicker free ballasts.

Switch from Tungsten 3200K to Daylight 5600K by simply switching out the Fluorescent Lamps / Bulbs / Tubes.

110W Molescent Biax 2  Local Dimming 7371
Price: $1,095.00
Our Price: $875.88

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220W Molescent Biax 4   Local Dimming 7361
Price: $1,495.00
Our Price: $1,189.88

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440W Molescent Biax 8  Local Dimming  7421
Price: $2,295.00
Our Price: $1,819.88

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Mole  Molescent Biax 4 Fluorescent Light Kit 736101
Price: $2,195.00
Our Price: $1,739.88

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