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Lithium Ion Batteries / Chargers

Lithium Ion Batteries / Chargers

Frezzi is proud to introduce the most powerful and lightest on camera professional batteries. These new lithium-Ion camera batteries were designed for the professional videographer who require a light weight, dependable battery that offers the most capacity to run a camera for hours without frequent battery changes.

These new light weight Frezzi batteries are available in 100WH 1.9lbs., the most powerful lithium available for legal transport without restrictions, a 130WH 2.2lbs. battery and an incredible 200WH battery weighing just 3.1 lbs. They directly connect to all cameras with an Anton/Bauer or V-Lock brackets.

Frezzi new simultaneous FLC-2 dual channel and FLC-1 compact single channel chargers are available as well as all new M2100 / M2100A series all chemistry chargers. Note: Frezzi's V-lock series batteries can also be charged on most Sony or IDX lithium-ion battery chargers.