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Lithium Ion Battery Chargers

Lithium Ion Battery Chargers

Frezzi’s newest Lithium-Ion battery chargers are available in either a Dual simultaneous charger with 50W Power supply that can be used while charging or an extremely compact economical single channel travel charger weighing in at just 8oz. The FLC‑2 Dual Channel Charger / Power Supply comes with (2) Anton/Bauer® type mounting plates and can charge all Frezzi FLB‑100, FLB‑130 or FLB‑200 Lithium-Ion batteries. Frezzi’s FLC-2V Dual channel chargers comes with (2) V-Lock mounting plates, and can charge all Frezzi FLB‑100V, FLB‑130V or FLB‑200V as well as Sony or IDX V-Lock style Lithium-Ion batteries. Both the FLC‑2 and FLC‑2V indicate level of charge status with LED indicators on each channel. The FLC-1 Single channel travel charger can charge all Frezzi FLB series batteries via a unique built-in charge port that’s in all FLB series batteries. All FLC model chargers have auto AC Voltage select for world wide operation.

Frezzi Compact Lithium Ion Battery  Charger FLC-1
Price: $195.00
Our Price: $166.88

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