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You are shopping HD NiMH / NiCd Camera Batteries & Chargers

HD NiMH / NiCd Camera Batteries & Chargers

HD NiMH / NiCd Camera Batteries & Chargers

Frezzi Camera batteries are currently used by networks, production companies, professional videographers and military crews around the world who have educated themselves and found a better alternative in camera batteries. Frezzi’s NiMH camera batteries are generally more powerful for their size and weight compared to similar cell chemistries, and offer more cycles and have better performance at higher rate discharge than any other when operating camera and lighting together. Frezzi Camera batteries directly connect to all Anton/Bauer® or V-Lock camera brackets. They are available with or without an Advanced Energy Gage that indicates the remaining capacity as well as a sleep mode when not in use to conserve battery power. They are housed in our military grade, rugged, serviceable sure grip case that can be serviced or re-celled unlike sealed, unserviceable, plastic throw away batteries.

Features & Benefits

• Superior Cycle Life & Performance

• Advanced Energy Gage (optional)

• High Discharge Allowance

• Highest Capacity NiMH cells - Best in Industry

• Rugged, Sure Grip, Serviceable Case

• Maximum Run Time for HD Cameras