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Rosco iPro Image Pro Projector for Slide Transparencies

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Rosco Image Pro iPro Projector for Slide Transparencies

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Need to project any image? The Rosco iPro will do the job. Corporate Logo, photo, slide can simply and safely be projected.

A simple device provides an ingenious solution ...

In short, the iPro Image Projector projects an image created from a simple plastic slide. Attach an iPro Slide cartridge to the back plate of the iPro Image Projector and insert it into the iris slot of any one of several common luminaires. Then simply turn on the light to project anything from a dazzling full color panorma to a corporate logo, or even a last minute custom gobo texture. Even at 100% intensity, the iPro Slide will last from 15-50 hours with no fading or degradation.

With a form factor similar to the Rosco Gobo Rotator, the iPro Image Projector is both elegant and simple in its engineering. Using three different systems cooling airflow, infrared reflection, and thermal barriers the slide is well protected from the extreme heat of the luminaire. Unique toolings on the backplate allow the iPro Image Projector to fit snugly into the four most common luminaires: the Altman Shakespeare, ETC Source Four, Selecon Pacific and Strand SL.

The Rosco iPro makes projecting custom images, fast, easy and cost effective. Designed as an accessory to fit into the iris slot of typical theatrical luminaires, the ImagePro cools and protects a plastic slide -- which has been printed from an ink jet printer! Use either consumer transparency film or for superior results, print onto Rosco iPro Slide Film which has been developed specifically for making iPro Slides. The iPro requires a line voltage circuit to power its cooling fan. While a dedicated circuit may be used, we recommend the Hybrid Two-Fer allowing your ImagePro and luminaire to share the same circuit. (Dimmers not capable of dimming inductive loads should not control the ImagePro.) An iPro Slides can be made from any image black and white graphics to full color photos and will last between 15 and 50 hours before needing to be replaced. Using the iPro, a designer has complete freedom to create exactly the right image for the design with few concerns for budgets or time constraints. Choose the perfect slide from Rosco's library of more than 600 standard images or create custom artwork for your project. A custom slide service from Rosco offers same day shipping on a finished, ready to use iPro Slide. Alternately, use the iPro Slide kit and print your own slide. Instructions and guidelines for image sizing and printing can be found on Rosco's website.


Printing guidelines and support files available on Rosco's website at

Product Specs:


You can get a slide for your ImagePro in one of three ways:

1. Order a standard image from the iPro Slide Library found on the website or thge CD-ROM that came with your ImagePro;

2. Use Rosco's Custom Slide Service to have your own custom design made into an iPro Slide;

3. Print your own image and mount it into the iPro Slide Kit.

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