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ETC Desire D60 Studio HD LED. Talent-ready White LED Lighting


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ETC Desire D60 Studio HD LED is an HMI Replacement. No More Bulky Ballast & Head Cable.

Studio HD combines warm white and cool white leds for variable color temperature mixing from 2,700K to 6,500K. Added to this are five carefully chosen led colors from the Selador x7 Color System to fill in the white led spectral gaps and allow you to vary lighting tint with easy green and magenta tint-control. D40 Studio HD provides the richest variable white light possible in an led fixture.


Designers no longer have to compromise when it comes to white LED lighting! Installations from television and film to architecture and houses of worship ? where color temperature and skin-tone rendering are critical ? now have an easier, more precise way to light: the Selador? Desire Studio? range of LED luminaires.

LED fixtures aren?t just for lighting scenery anymore. ETC?s three Selador Desire Studio arrays ? Studio HD?, Studio Tungsten?, and Studio Daylight? ? give you three different ways to produce powerful white light. While other LED luminaires produce artificial, flat light, the Studio HD uses the patented x7 Color System?, mixing five colors with two different white LEDs to create brilliant ?HD white light? with higher color-rendering qualities. The Studio Tungsten and Studio Daylight use some of the most efficient white LEDs available to create high volumes of color-temperature-specific light on an extreme power budget. All of the Desire Studio luminaires produce brilliant white light that naturally illuminates talent ? on screen or on stage.

The Studio luminaires come in three chassis ? the bright D40? with 40 LED emitters, the ultra-bright D60? with 60 powerful emitters, and the 40-emitter D40XT? designed for exterior use ? that produce stronger light output than other LEDs. The D40 and D60 Studio luminaires are perfect for indoor broadcast, theater or architectural uses, and the D40XT Studio fixture ? with its durable, watertight IP66 outdoor-rated casing ? provides safe, stunning lighting for building fa?ades, landscaping, on-location film-shoots and open-air performances.

No matter what your white-lighting need is, there is a Desire Studio luminaire to solve it.

Studio HD

Sophisticated, high-definition white LED lighting

The Studio HD array blends warm-white and cool-white LEDs with a touch of x7 Color to give you variable color-temperature mixing with refined white-point control and precise color rendering. The five colored emitters fill in the white LED spectral gaps to give you the richest white light to beautifully illuminate skin tones, sets and clothing ? in person or on camera. Studio HD luminaires offer a range of color temperatures from 2,700K to 6,500K and allow you to vary lighting tint with easy green and magenta tint-control.

Product Features

In the Box

Wt: 19.1 lbs

Power Consumption at Full Intensity: 161W, 1.35/.68A, 120/240V

***C Clamp NOT Included***

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