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Rosco Lighting Gels | Light Gels | Rosco Color Gels for Lights

Rosco Gels|Lighting Filters
Rosco Gels|Lighting Filters

Rosco Lighting Gels ...The most widely specified light gels for lights | theatrical filter in the world.

Rosco lighting gels, also known as lighting filters, are thin sheets of plastic (polycarbonate or polyester) designed to be placed in front of a light source to produce a wide range of colors for setting mood or creating interest. Gels for lights In film and video lighting are used for color correction, diffusion and theatrical color. In video production or photographic lighting, a camera has what is known as a white balance setting. It is either set at 3200K Tungsten or 5600K Daylight. With Rosco color gels , you can correct your light source by putting either a CTO Orange filter or CTB Blue filter to match your camera. The same is true for film production, as film stock is either 3200K Tungsten or 5600K Daylight. Also available are many types of Rosco diffusion gel filters, which are used to soften (reduce shadows) and spread the beam of light.

Rosco lighting gels are available in sheets and rolls along with convenient gel packs. Buy online at BarnDoor Lighting and see our Free Shipping deals.

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