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Rosco Gobos

Rosco Gobo Patterns / Gobos

Rosco Gobo Patterns

Stainless steel template available in more than 1000 designs, sized to fit into most common luminaires. Arranged into useful categories like Foliage, Abstract, Windows etc, Rosco steel patterns have been designed by some of the world's leading lighting designers.

Steel Patterns, or gobos, are widely used by designers in theatre, film, photography and television to create atmosphere, project scenery, and generally enhance the visual impact of their lighting. To insure design integrity the patterns are etched using a precise double-sided process on stainless steel. The result is durable, high quality patterns which will withstand the extreme heat at the gate of ellipsoidal spotlights.

The standard "B" size is suitable for most fixtures with a 6" lens when used with a Rosco Pattern Holder.

Need a Custom Gobo?? Give Us a Call @ 1-888-276-3667 for a price and delivery time. Corporate Logos, Slogans, Messages, Designs...Whatever you need it can be made into a Custom Gobo and Projected onto Walls, Floors and Screens.