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Rosco Flamex PA Flame Fire Retardant Water Based Paint Additive 8oz Jar

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Rosco Flamex PA Flame Retardant Water Based Paint Additive 8oz Jar

Rosco Flamex PA is a clear liquid added to latex paint to create a flame retardant film. One bottle treats one gallon of latex paint. Flamex PA works with most latex or vinyl acrylic paints, please test before using. Flamex cannot be used with metallic paints.

Using Flamex PA

Rosco Flamex PA has been pre-measured and should be added to a single US Gallon (3.79L) of paint. Once combined, the paint/Flamex mixture can be diluted as desired but the dry paint film must be no less than 4 mil in thickness. The effectiveness of a fire retardant barrier is dependent on both the fire retardant additive and the thickness of the coating. Flamex PA is not intended to be used in place of other Flamex products. Where possible, always treat the substrate material using the appropriate Flamex product. Rosco Flamex PA does NOT alter the flammability of the substrate being painted but only adds a retardant treatment that slows the spread of fire along the surface.

Note: When using Flamex PA in Rosco Supersaturated paint add one 8 oz. jar to one quart of undiluted Supersaturated and then dilute this mixture at least 1:1 with water. Mix thoroughly before using.


8 oz. of Flamex PA mixed into one gallon of paint will treat approximately 300 square feet (28 square meters) of material as per paint manufacturer's guidelines.

Applying Flamex

* Apply treated paint by brush, roller or sprayer as per the paint manufacturer's instructions. Regardless of the method of application, it is vital that a complete paint film is formed and that the dry film thickness of the finished coating is not less than 4 mil. Paint films that are incomplete, or are too thin, will not provide a barrier against the spread of fire.

Certification and Testing

Flamex PA has been approved for use by the California and New York City Fire Marshall and has been tested according to ASTM E84 Class A.


Store Flamex products in non-metallic containers. When metal sprayers are used, they should be thoroughly cleaned immediately after use, including nozzles and accessories. Avoid use of metal buckets or paint containers when possible.


Read carefully the instructions supplied with any Flamex product. Rosco offers these products in good faith, but without guarantee of any type, since materials treated and methods of application are beyond the control of the manufacturer. You should determine suitability of the Flamex product for the intended use and always test before using.


The wide variety of scenic materials used in modern scenery, props and costuming make compliance with fire regulations much more difficult today. In an effort to simplify and clarify the treatment of all these different substrates and fabrics, Rosco has develop six new Flamex products suited to a very wide range of materials.

But adding to this challenge of these various goods to be treated is the fact that fire code regulations vary from state to state, and in some cases, city to city. You should always consult with your local Fire Department. Recognizing that the jurisdictions of New York City and California State are among the strictest in the US, Rosco Flamex products have been tested and certified for use by these Fire Departments. Our experience is that most other municipalities will recognize and accept these certifications but, your local Fire Marshall has jurisdiction and complete discretion.

What is flame retardant

Nothing is flame proof, anything will burn if it gets hot enough. Most fire retardants - Rosco Flamex products included - do not prevent a material from igniting and burning. The goal of fire retardant treatment is to retard ignition and slow the spread of fire. Flamex works in two ways to achieve this - lowering the ignition temperature of the treated material and retarding the production of flame. When burned, materials treated with Flamex produces inert gases which starve the fire of oxygen and also develop a non-combustible char. Properly flame treated fabrics may ignite, but will self-extinguish within two seconds after the flame has been withdrawn.

Using flame retardants

The chemicals used in Flamex can only be effective when applied properly, and in sufficient quantities. Adequate treatment requires an application of sufficient Flamex to increase the fully dried weight of the sample by approximately 10-20%. While 10-20% is a typical add-on, the amount required for good flame retardance will vary with the composition of the material being treated. Its crucial to test a sample to insure that your goods have been effectively treated.

Flamex products are water soluble and are easily removed by laundering and exposure to water. The flame retardants are not soluble in most dry cleaning solvents however so materials treated with Flamex will not be altered by dry cleaning - provided of course that the solvent is free of moisture and other detergents. Always retest your fabrics after dry cleaning.

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