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Lex Products PowerRamp Cable Crossover

PowerRamp Cable Crossover

Lex Products PowerRamp Cable Crossover

Enhanced Durability and Quality Construction:

PowerRAMP Crossover Cable Protection System components deliver enhanced durability due to unique design and quality construction. A two-part polyurethane compound process creates a sturdy lid and base that can withstand heavy traffic with a load capacity of up to 32,600 lbs. per axle. The materials are UV stabilized to sustain strength for extended outdoor use in harsh conditions. Whereas some cable protectors can be difficult to connect and disconnect, PowerRAMP’s rugged industry standard connectors feature a proprietary “slip notch” friction release design for easy mating and un-mating of connectors. PowerRAMP crossovers, left and right turn units and end boots are compatible with similar cable protection products of other major manufacturers. In addition, PowerRAMP’s deep channels can accommodate up to 1.25 inch diameter cable or hose, and #2 AWG Type SC 5-wire banded cable, unlike some competitive products with smaller channels. This feature allows lids to lie flat over enclosed cables for increased protection and provides an even crossing surface to avoid trip hazards.

Advanced Safety:

PowerRAMP’s exclusive tread design provides extra traction for better foothold in wet or slippery conditions and its bright blue lid is highly visible and identifiable. The entire product is made with non-conductive material for extra safety.

Superior Convenience:


Cable Ramp Crossover Cable Protection System components feature an exclusive design that allows for compatibility and trouble-free mating with cable protectors of other manufacturers using similar connectors. Crossovers can be easily interconnected to protect cables of any length or mated with 45 degree left and right turn units and end boots for design flexibility. Convenient handle cut-outs are molded into the back side for easy portability.

Lex Products Power Ramp Cable Ramp Crossover