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Chimera Daylight Junior Lightbanks

Chimera Daylight Junior LightbanksChimera Daylight Junior Lightbanks

CHIMERA Daylite Junior Lightbanks are primarily intended for use with smaller, narrow-beam instruments, such as 2,000 watt Fresnels and Mickey Moles. As much as 50% deeper than CHIMERA Video PROTM Lightbanks, CHIMERA Daylite JuniorTM Lightbanks produce a superb light quality while yielding the maximum output from your narrow-beam instruments.

The Speed Ring fitting range for circular rings on the CHIMERA Daylite Junior Lightbanks is 4.25 to 9 inches (11 to 23 cm), which accommodates Fresnel lights from approximately 650 watts to 2000 watts. (Reminder: CHIMERA Daylite JuniorTM Lightbanks are not compatible with Video PROTM Rings; Daylite JuniorTM Rings are required!) CHIMERA Daylite JuniorTM Lightbanks are available in XXS to Medium.

CHIMERA Daylite Junior Lightbanks are available two ways: CHIMERA Daylite Junior Plus "One" has the standard detachable front screen; the CHIMERA Daylite Junior Plus comes equipped with three front screens, standard, and less dense 1/2 and 1/4 grid which makes modifying your light output remarkably easy.